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It wouldn't be an election in San Diego, it seems, without a sizable last minute campaign contribution to the cause of Democratic congressman Bob Filner from Meuchadim of California, LP., based in Hollywood, Florida.

State records show the outfit is connected to Jerome, Leon, and Simon Falic, the three Florida brothers behind Duty Free Americas, the giant duty-free shops operator that blankets the U.S.-Mexican border from San Diego to the Gulf of Mexico.


A disclosure filing posted online late yesterday by the California Secretary of State's office shows Meuchadim gave $10,000 to San Diegans In Support of Bob Filner for Mayor 2012, an independent committee backing Filner's San Diego mayoral bid, on October 29.

According to OpenSecets.Org, during 2010's congressional election cycle donors connected with Duty Free were Filner's single biggest group of financial backers, with $16,800.

The Falic operation has been a big giver to candidates of both political parties, especially within its lucrative border territory.

As we reported last week, Duty Free also came up with a $12,000 cash gift to San Diego's GOP mayor Jerry Sanders for the purpose of staging an elaborate "border mayors conference" this summer, in which Sanders and others, including Obama border czar Alan Bersin, called for privatization and expansion of border crossings, something that could greatly benefit Duty Free.

Also, as previously reported, in May Meuchadim kicked in $50,000 to Proposition 28, the successful measure on the June ballot that readjusted California legislative term limits in a way critics believe will be favorable to future incumbents.

Other big Prop 28 donations included $100,000 from L.A. Live Properties, LLC, a corporation run by conservative billionaire Philip Anschutz, who some say wants to steal the Chargers for his new downtown L.A. stadium, and $400,000 from Ed Roski's Majestic Realty, which may have similar intentions in regard to its own plans for a football stadium just east of L.A.

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anniej Nov. 6, 2012 @ 11 a.m.

is this a surprise, ah that would be a NO. after listening to filner's speech last night i have no doubt that he will be looking to offer quinones' some type of job once she is voted out OR once she pleads out in the corruption case.

filner is an embarrassment to himself, to his party but most importantly to the taxpayers of the south bay. his association, his calls for the support of allegedly corrupt, indicted board member pearl quinones is deplorable.

real work needs to be done on both sides next time around - give us a break, give us real candidates to select from - we are tired of the same old, same old.


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