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One Paseo, the largest development project ever proposed for Carmel Valley, is one step closer to becoming a reality. Today, the City posted the Draft Environmental Impact Report on its website.

The project from Kilroy Realty Corporation, consists of 1,857440 square feet of residential and commercial space on 23.6 acres near the corner of Del Mar Heights Road and El Camino Real. Complete with it's own "main street," the 10 buildings will house a movie theatre, a 150-room hotel, 608 multi-family units, and 806,000 square feet of retail and office space.

On the website, the project is said to be "a vision inspired by the community."

But some Carmel Valley residents say all they see is traffic, unnecessary retail and office space, and more traffic. Those residents, according to their website, feel the development is a misguided attempt to bring downtown density to a small, suburban community.

"The truth is that this new development will overwhelm the Carmel Valley community and its surrounding San Diego, Del Mar and Solana Beach neighborhoods with increased traffic congestion, infrastructure impacts and degrade our community's character, changing life in Carmel Valley forever."

Those residents have 45 days to comment on the environmental documents.

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Founder March 30, 2012 @ 8:10 a.m.

RE: "a vision inspired by the community." I see this as a transparent PR ploy to push massive development into an area that already is crammed full of DENSITY. This project will bring traffic congestion, unneeded office space and lots more housing to the entire Del Mar area, making that section of I-5 a larger nightmare than it is now.

Notice their PR pipe dream image above; a large tree lined green space, a tiny amount of office space with only one and a half stories visible and only 4 cars on the street! If you believe that is what this project is all about then the tooth fairy will be coming real soon to make up for alll those small coins you received as a child...

Ask questions like how many Low and Low Moderate income housing units are slated to be built and or how much the developer fees are and where will they be spent. This is a boondoggle project that will profit those in San Diego Government that approve it and leave all the locals with another new unneeded office complex that will only compete with the already existing office space, that is no where near filled, along I-5.

Everyone that drives I-5, those that live in either Carmel Ranch and or Del Mar better wake up and see this Developer Pushed Density Project for what it is, a BIG MONEY maker for them in the short term and a massive reduction in the quality of lifestyle as you know it in the long term.

Does a 15-20% Drop in Residential Property Values make ANY sense?


kkey March 30, 2012 @ 4:18 p.m.

I live in Carmel Valley next to the Del Mar Highlands shopping center, across from the One Paseo lot. I think the community would benefit from more shopping choices on the One Paseo lot, but I OPPOSE One Paseo since its simply too much for such a small space; bear in mind that the 22 acre lot is the same size as Carmel Valley Middle school, and half the size of Torrey Pines High School; that's not much land for a movie theatre, a 150-room hotel, 608 multi-family units, and 806,000 square feet of retail and office space so they will build up giant towers that don't fit in with the character of anywhere in Carmel Valley. We don't need the increased traffic from 30,000 daily car trips (cited in the Environmental Impact Report), that's equivalent to a car driving by every 3 seconds. If you don't want Carmel Valley turning into another Mira Mesa Blvd traffic nightmare, write a letter to the Mayor's office and your city councilmember (Sherri Lightner represents District 1; http://www.sandiego.gov/citycouncil/cd1/ ).

I would have been okay if One Paseo was much smaller and similar in scope to the Del Mar Highlands Town Center; its hard not to think the planned mini-metropolis is just a greedy bid to maximize Kilroy's profits.


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