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Two men became fed up with a 20-year-old woman’s “drama” and finally killed her to put an end to it, according to a Sheriff’s investigator who interviewed the men.

Detective Troy DuGal said Destin Withers was driving a white Mercedes and Jeffrey McCreary was in the front passenger seat when McCreary turned and thrust a gun between the front seats to pump four bullets into Morayma Denise Rodriguez, who was seated in back. The shooting allegedly took place just after midnight February 1 2012, as the three drove down Hale Avenue near Tulip Street in Escondido.

The men had spent a long day with the woman, trying to sort out her claims of being forcibly injected with drugs and gang raped and held against her will at a “drug house” -- where McCreary lived, in Escondido. After loud tirades and much crying and confrontations with the men she accused of raping her, both Withers and McCreary apparently concluded that the woman’s story was fabricated.

Statements made separately by Withers and McCreary mostly supported each other, except that each man fingered the other as the actual shooter, detective DuGal testified today.

When McCreary was arrested, an FEG 9mm semiautomatic handgun was recovered from the car he was in, the detective said, and bullets recovered from the woman matched this weapon. McCreary allegedly admitted to investigators that the distinctive boot prints found where the body was dumped would match those he was wearing. A recorded phone call and recovered text messages allegedly assisted investigators in determining that McCreary was the actual shooter, testimony suggested today. Both men were ordered to stand trial on murder charges at the end of the preliminary hearing.

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Visduh March 26, 2012 @ 7:59 p.m.

Most of the time these lowlifes are clever enough to avoid self-incrimination. This comes across as if they are, in addition to being killers, "felony dumb." If a jury will agree, I suspect that both will go up for life without parole. What a sad, miserable conclusion to three lives!


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