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Mexico announced Friday that plans to build a mega-resort in Baja California Sur would be halted. Mexico’s president, Felipe Calderon, made the announcement from his official residence. Cabo Cortes, the previously planned resort, would have been built northeast up the coast from Cabo San Lucas.

Protests and criticism of the plans to build the resort were abundant. Many believed that the resort would damage the natural ecosystem. Critics claimed a nearby coral reef would be threatened. The Spanish developer in charge of the operation was unable to refute the claims in order to begin construction.

Mexico had previously hoped to use the new resort to help boost the country’s image. Many resorts have maintained success, even though the country has been plagued with violence in some areas. Calderon stated that alternative plans could possibly be conceived if they were compatible with the natural ecosystem.

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Visduh June 17, 2012 @ 8:49 p.m.

Ya' gotta hand it to Mexico. Instead of fooling around with legislative bodies that have some real say-so in things like this, they elect a king (and I mean a king in the old-style mold) who just rules by decree. Every six years he's replaced with a new king. The states are generally powerless, as is the congress. Elect the right guy and all is well; his decisions are the last word.

As to the merits of this choice, I'd guess that with all the corruption in that country, having a resort in a spot like this would be something like putting Disney World in the middle of Yellowstone. Someone paid a lot to get it approved. So, he probably did the right thing. But isn't there a role for others, not just for the king, oops, Presidente, of Mexico in working these things out?


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