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In the wake of clashes between San Diego police and Occupy San Diego demonstrations, the county, on behalf of San Diego county Sheriff Bill Gore, has issued a request for quotations from vendors willing to supply an array of "Special Impact and Tactical Gas Munitions."

The request, issued today, calls for responses by November 16.

"The Sheriff (sic) Department is seeking a manufacturer's distributor to provide Defense Technology (Def-Tech) special impact and tactical gas munitions for a one-year contract and two option years.

"The Sheriff's Department conducts continuous safety and munitions tests of less lethal weapons and ammunition from multiple vendors and manufacturers and has found that Defense Technology ammunition: beanbag, single baton, sponge projectiles, and tactical gas munitions to be most effective on subjects while at the same time less likely to cause unintended injuries...," says the request.

The list of desired weaponry includes an order of 30 "Riot Control Grenade CS" cannisters.

"The Riot Control grenade," according to the Defense Technology website, "is designed specifically for outdoor use in crowd control situations with a high volume continuous burn that expels its payload in approximately 30-40 seconds with slightly less chemical content than the Spede-Heat™. "

150 Spede-Heats are also included on the Sheriff's shopping list, as are 50 military style max smoke grenades, 30 stinger rubber ball grenades, 50 Han-Ball grenades, and 100 "Liquid Ferret CS" rounds.

According to Defense Technology's website, "The 40 mm Ferret® rounds are a frangible projectile filled with chemical agent.

"Spin stabilization from fins and barrel rifling affords maximum standoff distance and accuracy for safety. The 40 mm Ferret® Rounds are non-burning and suitable for indoor use.

"Used primarily by tactical teams, it is designed to penetrate barriers, such as windows, particleboard doors, and interior walls. Upon impacting the barrier, the nose cone ruptures and instantaneously delivers the agent payload inside of a structure.

"In a tactical deployment situation, the 40 mm Ferret® Rounds are primarily used to dislodge barricaded subjects from confined areas. Its purpose is to minimize the risks to all parties through pain compliance, temporary discomfort and/or incapacitation of potentially violent or dangerous subjects."

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