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San Diego county's Probation Department wants to stock up on a big inventory of "assorted tactical gear," including 100 cans of "MK-4 OC Spray--First Defense" pepper spray from Defense Technologies of Casper, Wyoming, according to a December 29 request for quotation posted on the county's website.

"The world’s most widely used pepper spray in law enforcement and corrections, First Defense® has just gotten better," says the company's website.

"With our complete line of aerosols, we are able to offer an OC level of intensity ranging from .2% Major Capsaicinoids to 1.3% MC. 

"The variations in the MC% means that you can now select the level of intensity of OC for the environment required.  We use independent laboratory testing to ensure consistent quality of each product."

In addition, the county is asking for prices on 40 Blackhawk MK4 Large Duty Pouches used to carry pepper spray and other chemical agents.

"BLACKHAWK!® has done it again, giving you the best of both world’s (sic) for traditional looking yet street-tough duty gear," says a description of the $29.99 product on the manufacturer's website. 

"We’ve combined the high performance, light weight and ability to disinfect blood-borne pathogens of nylon and added the traditional look of plain leather duty gear.

"Now your officers can get the back-saving lightness and all-day comfort of nylon with the crisp molded look of leather duty gear."

Among other items on Probation's wish list: 125 pairs of handcuffs, 40 small duffle bags, 100 gun cleaning kits, 50 supergrip batons, and 100 shooting glasses.

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