Police Officer Killed, Suspects Escape (El Mexicano, 10/15/12, by Said Betanzos)

TIJUANA, BC - An agent of the Municipal police died and another was attacked after they made a routine stop to check occupants of a pick up in the El Triunfo delegation in the Sanchez Taboada colony.

The attack occurred around 6:30 PM yesterday when canine unit agents attempted the arrest of the pick-up driver. When approaching, one of the police was shot and called for the Ministerial police officers who came to assist.

It is unknown if the assault occurred with a hand gun or long rifle, as well as the caliber of the gun. After the attack the assailants fled. Red Cross paramedics arrived onto the scene and took one of the two injured uniformed men to the Hospital de la Benemérita Institución, who was interned in the "red room".

"He was shot in the neck and is very serious," reported one of the police investigators. Officers of the Municipal Police in the district implemented a search operation without success to locate and capture those responsible. Around 7:30 PM, the agent died, officially identified as Enrique Pérez Rosales, 39.

This year there have been more than a few gunshot attacks against Municipal police officers as well as many deaths in shootouts with criminals. During these last three years, of Mayor Jorge Ramos Hernandez administration, more than 40 officers of the Municipal police department have lost their lives in the line of duty, acting as heroic figures during the battle against of organized crime groups. http://www.el-mexicano.com.mx/informacion/noticias/1/3/estatal/2012/10/15/621295/matan-a-policia-huyen-asesinos.aspx

10 Suspects Killed, 6 Captured (El Mexicano, 10/15/12)

VERACRUZ, VER - In a statement from the Secretariat of National Defense it was reported that police elements were involved in Veracruz area security operations, performing patrols in the region. Uniformed officers tracked down a group of armed people who, in a confrontation, left 10 dead suspects.

There was no mention if there were casualties or wounded in the ranks of the armed forces. After the dispute, the soldiers claimed four vehicles, ammunition, drugs and different types of false uniforms and assault rifles. Elements of the 6th Region Military Unit captured 15 long rifles, 10 handguns, 67 ammunition clips, 2,413 cartridges of various calibers, a grenade launcher attachment, a defensive grenade, a gas grenade and four vehicles.

The bodies of the victims and the weapons were placed at the disposal of authorities to initiate relevant investigations. The Mexican army filed charges with the Government of this entity through the Attorney General of Justice State of Veracruz to begin the proceedings. They also transported six suspects to Tamaulipas. http://www.el-mexicano.com.mx/informacion/noticias/1/2/nacional/2012/10/15/621181/abatio-el-ejercito-a-10-sicarios-en-veracruz.aspx


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