Upon first glance of this neighborhood, anyone in their right mind would wonder who sane would choose to live in a place like this. East Village, once home to mostly addicts and homeless people, now dwells with students, the middle class, artists, and thriving small businesses.

The apartment I live in is located very close to the Park & Market trolley station, which makes transportation really convenient. The tracks remind me of the historical separation of people based on class and race, but in our neighborhood it is segregated by east and west. You can look at the complexes to see the proof. Look to the west, a beautiful upscale condo. Look to the east, a bland looking "project", or in other words, "affordable housing".

The neighborhood is home to some very interesting characters to say the least. Students share space with homeless and now that the middle class is being wiped out, there is a huge gap in living styles under one roof. People who would normally never choose to live in the same area make exceptions in the time of a depression.

In my complex the management is extremely inconstant. Gossip is a life of its own, as if we are living in a dorm. Security guards come and go, with the most recent having a case of OCD to tourette's syndrome. In other words, it's not very secure. Promises are left unfulfilled and the only real benefit is the low price of living in an up and coming downtown area.

Right outside my door I have homeless people patiently waiting for their next meal and some that demand you to give them money as if it is owed to them. There are starving artists and schizophrenics alike, but I've never had a problem with anyone.

In my opinion, the complex is like one big psychotic island; let's called it Survivor. If you make it one year you must be commended. Or if you are like my friend who I will keep anonymous, four years living underneath a crack addict is all it took for her to pack up and leave.

Don't be scared away, East Village is a beautiful urban neighborhood. This is just my experience. Look around and you will notice there is so much to do, see, and more. Petco Park is just a few blocks away. There is a brand new museum of African American history and a farmers market on Saturdays. Let’s not forget to mention all the wonderful restaurants within walking distance. Overall it’s a great place to live and if you find the right apartment, I believe you will find a home in our unique area of cultural and economical differences.


slackermommy Sept. 1, 2008 @ 7:39 a.m.

I'm confused. Are you saying that someone with OCD and Tourettes is not capable of a job as a security guard?


artplaydrama Sept. 1, 2008 @ 4:08 p.m.

Hi, I see how it is confusing. Forgive my ignorance. I am not stating that someone with OCD and Tourette's is not capable of working as a security guard. I meant it in the context of the lack of security at this specific complex. I should probably edit it to make it more clear.


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