7:17 am

sitting up in bed

well rested

no yawns

a deep sleep

not one stretch needed

maybe ,

it was that hot shower before turning in -

no anxiety

no to do list on my mind

absent of sweet dreams

or any scary stuff

quiet surrounds me

as if packed in cotton balls

sunrise - check

blue skies - check

no hunger or thirst

get up to wash my face

look straight

into the mirror



blink once


red spot on left cheek

that little bump on the right

small scar near my nose

my checkpoints - all there

slip on a brand new white t-shirt

look down

to my hands

dirt underneath all my nails

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Dadler July 12, 2012 @ 1:03 p.m.

Dirt under those nails as it should be. Back from the dead, he said. Always good to read you, RichZ. Peace out.


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