Sometime's I wonder if Californian's realize just how many people engage in acts of prostitution, pimping, pandering, procurring, or propositioning in the state. Or how many of their neighbors either buys weed or sells it. Some do well and some do not. Many of which, other than the one thing I mentioned above, commits no other crimes. These two crimes are very controversial in that their coorelation with other crimes is high and therefor thought to be the cause. Simpler put, a man kidnapps a girl and forces her to sell her body as a prostitute. She robs a few johns for their money and possesions. Both comit a crime against another person and that makes it bad. But a man and his girlfriend decide to team up marketing and selling something many people want; and a man who has tons of money but because of the time constraints his tax paying job has on him has little time to have fun, are placed in the same categories as the kidnapper and thief. WOW?!? Or someone who smokes marijuanna and goes for a drive hitting a person versus someone who smokes it in their house while relaxing after a long day at work. Or the person who sells marijuanna and gets greedy killing their competition and stealing the product versus the one who just sells it peacfully with a smoke and relax attitude. What's my point? Why make it illegal if it's not hurting anyone? Couldn't we just legalize prostitution, the acts that go with it as well as the use and sale of marijuanna? Just do with it what we do with all other legal occupations; put limitations and regulations on it and then tax it! We have already made 3 forms of prostitution legal, dancing, escorting and pornography. Think about it, two more multi-million dollar industries paying taxes to the state and federal government.... We sure wouldn't have to take funding away from students, SSI and medical. Not just that but the time and money spent to enforce the laws against these companies could be used to say help the needy, catch the bad criminals, and fix our neighborhoods. Doesn't that sound like a win win for Cali? Now before the people in those companies go getting mad at me... think about it. All the trouble you go through trying not to get jamed up, all the fear and hassle, all the money you spend on legal fees and even more money you lose from having been arrested. Wouldn't it be much easier to pay a tax, or a fee to say liscense yourself and avoid such problems? I know I would. It's like getting a dancer's license or nude outcall license. Win Win again!

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