Well, there are instances when their are people who are sick or unstable psychologically or just have no remorse and actually like the way crime feels, but often times a person that commits a crime wishes they hadn't or feels as though they had no other choice. Now I'm not talking about crimes born from hatred or greed but those that can be termed as "means of survival" crimes. Those times when say ficticous character John sold pot for years, and was caught for it once during those years, can't get a good job to feed his family. Or like ficticious characters Tracy and Tina, who were caught for prostitution while trying to pay the rent so that they would not be living in hotels with Tina's newborn baby. Tracy can't get a job that she was over qualified for because her background check shows her PC1000 misdemeanor charge in bold print. Or ficticious character Amy, who lost custody of her 5 children because her boyfriend and her argued, makes the choice to leave her home and her provider in order to get her children back. She can't get any help getting back onto her feet to have a stable and safe environment for them to come home to and winds up forging some checks and paystubs, goes to jail and is left even further from reuniting with her children. Or lastly, Garry the ficticious character who after 5 years in prison for "Pimping and pandering" and other charges involving a "minor" gets out to laws that require him to stay away from parks, and schools making it almost impossible to live in a nice neighborhood much less a house or apartment. Gary is then forced after just days of his release to live in a hotel where prostitutes neighbored him and constently tempted him with cravings of money, something necassary for survival. Gary, giving in, goes back to jail. All of these cases and many more I can't recall, the "criminals" tried to survive legally but because the way society and the law shuns people who make bad desicions makes it almost impossible for them to survive and provide for their families, forcing them to "get it how they can". Help lower the rate of recurring criminals in the few that would better their lives if they had the chance. Next time Melvin who didn't graduate high school, didn't get a GED, has no employment history, walks into your company applying for a job; thick twice about sending him on his way with a "Sorry we forgot to take down the hiring sign" line! He might just have a family he is trying to help support.

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