Mission Blvd is appropriately named if one is on a mission to end up in a casket. Between the dangers presented by the drunk driving, the careless blind spots, and the under marked crosswalks, it's a surprise that the death toll each week in Pacific Beach isn't a lot higher. I cross the street wondering if I'm going to end up like the guy I saw being scraped up off the pavement just last week after smashing into a beamer on his motorcycle. Coincidently, that same man landed right by the very crosswalk that begs to destroy someone's life every time it is used by a pedestrian who unsuspectingly jaunts out onto it without realizing that it is not marked well.

Well after almost experiencing a death wish on that very crosswalk, I'm done. I'm working on a letter to whoever it is I need to get flashing lights up for the sake of the pedestrians using the crosswalk at the corner of Diamond and Mission. I work very close by and frequent Taco Surf pretty much every week and I think my luck is running out. Sooner than later it feels like my fate will be pasted on the grill of some idiot drunk who forgot to turn on his headlights after a long night at the bar. Soon if I'm not lucky, I'll be laying in the very spot they scraped up the last body. I've made passing mention but it seems like a dead topic to a lot of people. I find it surprising with the surfers and beachgoers in the neighborhood that more people would not be vocal about this. Unless of course there is already a voice but they just need a dead body to go with it before making change. Unfortunately this is politics, new and old, never changing until something or someone dies. Well, I'm not volunteering to become the needed statistic but rather to write a letter and propose action. All I need are more voices to take a stand so that if the mission is to make it to the beach, we end up on the waves rather than in a casket.


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