The first thing I did after all my doctor appointments was go to the VEC for some free wifi action. If you had to pay for the internet to use it, would you? It seems like I have to pay for something at a bar just to use the internet. Thanks to my step dad I am able to access the net from any wifi area. I'm listening to a little Nine inch Nails as I write this and its giving me enough inspiration to write more. A bullet never lies it always tells the truth, my words are gunshots that influence the youth. Yeah right, if no one can listen to what I have to say then they might as well eat a sock that I wiped my own arse with. They can take my writing with a grain of salt but I have something to say to the world. I should flow through people like water around stone, yet I am the stoner. I am the one that pushes thru a crowd headfirst but once I get through the crowd I have to think about what I do next. That is not like me, acording to my zodiac sign i shouldn't think before i leap. I over analyze situations to the point where I’m breaking down to gear up for new medications so I can be a little more lucid and not livid. I’m going to need a few days off while i'm taking my medications just to cope with my situation a bit. I don't need any more new toys but I do need more tools to express my own feelings without people reading my body language. If I can do things like read someones body language, why couldn't someone else? I'm not even drunk, I will be up all night writing before I pass out from overexertion. Once i get these medications then I will once again be myself. Right now I feel like I am being controlled by Jedi Mind Tricks. I love all sorts of music but I'm mad at myself for what I've done today at the bar. I was supposed to sing more karaoke but i left prematurely because I was Angry Again that I wasn't getting my way. I think i've had one too many drinks even though i'm not drunk. This night I ran a 7 dollar tab at a bar and they took my ID away because they thought I was drunk and I couldent pay my tab before I left. I walked over to Backstreet brewery and they didn't mind that I was using their net and drinking water in front of a fire. i met a familiar face over by the fire and I told i'm my story. He had American spirit smokes and we walked over to Hennesy's. Did i faiI to mention I love free wifi! I would actually go to a Starbucks to get free internet rather then go to a bar and use my new tool.

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