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Johnny Q launched Privatized Air, a post punk alt rock trio in 2009. Since, they have pretty much put out an album each year. The band includes Nicky Vasquez on drums and bassist Laura Smashley. Recently, Mr. Q dropped some final mixes from the band's latest CD Refill on Raunchola Records into my email inbox.

Some of the highlights as follows:

Paper Hearts: Things have finally come full circle. This is a band that could have played the beer-and-sweat-stained stage at the Spirit Club, when they still called it that back in the 1980s. That was a rich time for local original music acts. Skid and Mojo, Rick Elias, the Snuggle Bunnies, Jimmy Rooster, and more, and more, and more. It's called Brick by Brick now but no matter -- Claude Coma would love Privatized Air. I wish I had his phone number.

Not Gonna Stop: the best declaration of post-brutalism that I have ever heard. Now, go clean your room, clear out all the empties, and take down those stupid CBGB posters while you're at it.

Around You: Johnny Thunders was not really a rock icon with a guitar. He was only the messenger. Sadly, he had no idea what was in the memo, for he was silenced long before the fruits of his labor-intensive gig could ripen into the youth bands to come. How was he to know?

We Will All Be Replaced: years ago, my grandfather burned off all the short hairs on his legs quite accidentally while smoking and cleaning car parts with raw ether. If pink skin has a sound, I'm pretty sure this is it.

Homemade Tree: Back to the Spirit Club for a moment. Jerry Herrera, the owner and founder of that noble rathole would have righteously abused Privatized Air in his weekly Reader ad. It was his custom with all local bands that had promise. But whether you know it or not, Johnny Q, you wrote this song for Diana Death. Re-track it with her on vocals. That smells like 2014 SDMA gold.

Refill was produced by Rich Mansor and mastered by Jack Endino.

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