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Michael Inzunza / The Brandy Alexanders: “In 1999, we opened up for Berlin at Cane's. Well, about three songs into our set, I happened to look side stage and saw (their singer) Terri Nunn winking at me. I think she was just having fun with me. Either way, I forgot the rest of the song and still have trouble with it today.”

Paul Bell / Electric Waste Band: “I once had a girl put a 6 foot iguana on my keys right in the middle of my solo. She tried to drunkenly whisper in my ear about how 'nice" he was, and it took every ounce of restraint not to hurl the poor thing across the stage! After a few choice words by me, she took her scaly boyfriend back and slithered away.”

Mark Morante / Chill Clinton: “We were playing our first show at the Belly Up and during the set I was really getting into it jumping around really trying to amp up the crowd. Well, I got into it a little too much and didn't realize I kicked our guitarists cable out in the middle of his solo. He’s still mad at me a couple years later…”

Heather Vorwerck / The Comeuppance: “When I was about 17 yrs old I was playing a Southern Baptist show of some sort, a live local TV broadcast near Columbus, GA. As I was sitting on stage in the backing orchestra, I accidentally kicked a plug out of a floor socket, killing the mic and several stage lights as a woman was testifying to The Lord. My stand partner was crying, trying not to laugh as I scrambled on the floor, nearly in the dark trying to get it all plugged back in. Whoops! “

Tolan Shaw / The New Archaic: “ I was playing at Soma with The New Archaic. I guess I hadn't put on my guitar strap quite right, because in the middle of a song, as I was rocking out, it slipped and fell to the floor.. Luckily the guitar wasn't really harmed, it was just brutally out of tune. The best part about the story though is that it fell at a fairly climactic part of the song and I remember the weird noise that it made, and thinking, "damn, that noise actually kinda worked in the song!" I tried to play it off cool but it was a pretty rookie move by me"

Jessica Hull: "I was playing an intimate, acoustic venue in San Diego, to maybe 12 people, and one of my friends was just passing by, saw me through the window, and I waved at him in between strumming. Naturally he walked in. He was stopped by the doorman and asked to pay the cover, but he had no cash. So I watched him shrug at me and then leave the venue hanging his head. I was livid. I wish I would have stopped my song and told the doorman that I'd cover my friend, but I felt stuck."

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