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If you dig experimental, wide ranging and exploratory jazz, UCSD's The Loft is where you need to be on Dec. 1.

Headlining the show is Marco Benevento a recent fixture on the NYC experimental and contemporary scene. Perhaps best known as a member of Garage A Trois, with drummers Stanton Moore (Galactica), and Mike Dillon and free jazz saxophonist Skerik, Benevento plays keyboards, specializing in Wurlitzer electric piano, Hammond B-3 organ, and a gaggle of "little-instruments," samplers and toy pianos.

Benevento has also toured with outcat jazz and beyond drummer Bobby Previte.

In 2008, his release Live At Tonic won the 7th Annual Independent Music Awards in the Best Live Performance Album category.


Opening the show is the duo KaiBorg, comprised of two of the finest free jazz exponents on the West Coast, or any coast for that matter. KaiBorg is Jeff Kaiser on trumpet and electronics, with David Borgo on saxophones and electronics. They've been playing together for the past 4 or 5 years, and they released an album Harvesting Metadata in 2010, that is nothing short of astonishing. This record could literally, tear your head off, especially if you listen with headphones on.

"Our main philosophy is we don't bring any pre-recorded or sampled sounds to the gig. We use custom interfaces and signal processing...I'm now using a pressure sensitive foot pedal (so I can do a little dance when I play), and Jeff uses two pedals and a midi keyboard to trigger various things with his left hand," says Borgo.

The last time I saw Kaiser doing his trumpet/laptop thing, he delivered a sonic assault so brutal--it could have gotten him arrested on mayhem charges. Borgo is one of the most creative post-Coltrane saxophonists to emerge in the last 20 years, and that's without the electronics. These guys will forever warp your expectations of what trumpet and saxophone are capable of.

"We do all improvised sets, but they tend to move through a variety of moods and textures, from contemplative to crazy. Spatialization is also very important to us. We'll be using a quad system at the Loft to send sounds fully around the room," promised Borgo.

Photo of Benevento by Greg Aiello

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