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Having been nominated for three 2011 San Diego Music Awards (Best Hip-Hop, Best Hip-Hop Album, and Album of the Year for Quit Sleep), Vokab Kompany embark on a new tour this week, taking them through Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and California.

They also have a new single, “Burn It Down,” coproduced by Crush Effect. A free download is available at http://vokabkompany.bandcamp.com/album/burn-it-down-w-crush-effect-feat-vokab-kompany-single-2011 .


Based in Pacific Beach, Vokab Kompany is a hip-hop, soul, and electro act that turns up often around town. They perform with a live backing band, usually with around five to seven musicians. Founder and coproducer Rob Hurt (aka Robbie Gallo) spent his teen years near Lake Tahoe, where he first teamed up with Reno-based Matt “Burkey” Burke, singer/MC of Native Root.


In 2009, the group was nominated Best Hip-Hop at the San Diego Music Awards, and they appeared on the Best of Daygo local hip-hop compilation album. After releasing the album New Kong, they were a featured act on the international networking site perfspot.com. The record won Best Hip-Hop Album at the 2010 SDMAs.

Matt Burke, a former high school English teacher also known for his stint with Grammy-nominated Native Root, reveals a hitherto unknown secret behind two celeb performers not credited on New Kong. “We met the bassist and guitarist for Cage the Elephant, Daniel Tichenor and Lincoln Parish, when we all played the Stay Classy event at Petco Park last year, and they came to our studio in National City.” The result was a new song and overdubs on a Vokab track featuring the rising alterna-rock stars.

“However,” according to Burke, “Sony had issues with them releasing anything before the new Cage the Elephant album drops, so we needed a pseudonym on our album. The alias we came up with for them is ‘Thumper Oakstreet.’ Bummer, a big corporation trying to ice our big-name guest stars.”

Also in 2010, their song “So Bright” was featured in KIA Summer Sales Event national commercial and an an Al Roker segment on the Today Show.

Their 2011 album Quit Sleep features cameos from guitarist Lincoln Parish (Cage the Elephant), A-Plus (Hieroglyphics), Luckyiam (Living Legends), RadioActive (formerly of Spearhead), Curtis Sloan (BLVD), Signal Path, Solovox, Dj Vadim, Random Rab, Freddy Machete, and production by local hero Mr. Ridley and MCs Deploi and Apaulo8.

Vokab Kompany Tour Dates

7-13: Santa Barbara, CA- @ The Savoy

7-15: Eugene, OR- @ Luckey’s Music & Cigar Lounge

7-16: Roseburg, OR- Celebrating the wedding of Evan Corsiglia (Rubicon Deli) and Brook Roberts (The Amazing Race)

7-17: Portland, OR- Vokab Kompany at Emrg+N+See Music Festival Sunday Night. Location: REFUGE. NiT GriT, Gladkill, B. Bravo, Max Ulis, Noah D, Vokab Kompany, Chris Sia, Kitty D, Reva Devito.

7-18: Bellingham, WA- @ the Wild Buffalo

7-21: Bend, OR- @ the Mad Happy Lounge

7-22: S. Lake Tahoe, NV- Vokab Kompany official after party for Sky Blu of LMFAO at Club Blu (Robbie’s b-day celebration)

7-23: Reno, NV- @ Wurk with VibeSquad and Heyoka

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