We knew the ladies would start coming out of the woodwork to lynch Filner and here is the latest woman.

Laura Fink, who also runs a political consulting firm, just told KPBS that Filner patted her on the butt EIGHT years ago while she was a deputy campaign manager for him at a 2005 San Diego fundraising event.

Fink said Filner did apologize saying, "I'm sorry." .

You would think that would be enough.

But Fink has JUST NOW decided to call the sheriff's hotline to file an official complaint against the mayor for the event that happened in 2005. This lynching should be obvious at this point. Notice how the GOP never mentions Jan Goldsmith's domestic violence record? There is a reason that a "Land Use Expert" is spearheading the effort to oust Filner. This is about development and it's about Balboa Park.

Additionally Laura is a political consultant thus she has a lot to gain by joining this political lynching campaign. Do NOT rush to judge SD. There is a lot at stake if Bob steps down.

This is getting ridiculous. Fink could have voiced her concerns at any point in the last 8 years. She certainly could have brought them up during his campaign for mayor and she did not. This reeks of desperation and speaks to the lack of validity to the supposed existing claims.

Please observe this photograph Laura Fink had proudly displayed on her Facebook page of her standing next to groper extraordinaire Bill Clinton in 2008. Why is she not outraged?

I think the lack of consistency in this outrage speaks volumes in this case and is yet one more reason we MUST demand due process.



Diogenes July 24, 2013 @ 7:55 a.m.

Funk is a corroborating witness to Ms. McCormack-Jackson's account of Filner' propensity to kid around with female staff.

Many men do not realize that times have changed.

There are mandatory elimination of bias classes for professionals but none I know of for politicians or Mayors. The City should require this training.

We had a Groppanator for Governor. Yet that was know in advance. Arnold got away.with his sordid past because he was a movie actor on steroids.... and a Republican.


barryjohnjohnson July 31, 2013 @ 7:42 a.m.

I don't think that Ms Fink has filed any type of monetary claim, vs just adding her voice to back up those who are making formal claims and to bring light on to the whole issue of inappropriate behavior. Apparently, Ms Fink did document the incident back then via email, which took courage to do at that time.

The 'lynching' terminology should be reconsidered, in light of Mr Filner's admissions to inappropriate behavior. If any 'lynching' is occurring, Mr Filner seems to be having an active hand in supplying the rope.

I am a Dem, and a Reader fan, but I am thinking that the Reader is way off base in this coverage/opinion piece.


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