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Juan Boyce, chair of the Conservatives for Gay Rights Supporting Carl DeMaio has refuted claims that his committee is a shadow committee with ties to the Medical Marijuana industry.

In an October 27 email, Boyce had some harsh words for Patrick Adams, the chair of the Gay Friends Supporting Carl DeMaio political committee who has accused the group of having a pro-Filner agenda.

"I have done my best to hold my tongue, for no other reasons but to avoid an inner community squabble and to avoid the appearance of pointless counterproductive division - but this appears not to have worked," reads the email.

"So, it is time to speak up. All charges being leveled against Conservatives for Gay Rights are being propagated by a Patrick Adams, the president of a PAC with similar leanings and goals. He has attacked us in the media, threatened to report us to commissions, with ONE justification - we have not answered his phone calls and his demands of coordination.

We are under no obligation to coordinate with anyone, especially an individual we were unaware of prior to two weeks ago, who has been making allegations against us ever since..."

"...There are NO basis for his accusations. We have not engaged in a SINGLE action that would in anyway give merit or justify his charges. Yet, he has chosen to communicate these absolutely baseless accusations through multiple news articles."

Boyce didn't stop there. They responded to questions raised in earlier reports in the Reader.

"As for our reticence to communicate our strategy to the media - we are under no obligations to report our actions to the media, especially prior to taking them. In fact, we felt to do so could diminish the positive effect we hope to have on this election."

The representative from Conservatives for Gay Rights then listed the reasons for the multiple filings, one of which was submitted after the name of the group's sole financial donor was misspelled. "The first filing established a PAC. The second filing to notify of a major donor, as required by law. And the third filing corrected the last name of the major donor, since due to a typo, the second filing listed the standard spelling of a name, not the actual spelling. This correction was taken within 24 hours to avoid penalties, and well within the 10 day window required for the reporting of a major donor. These are all standard filings procedures.

As to the selection of Jessica McElfresh. I chose to contract Jessica McElfresh Esq. to assist with professional services due to her excellent reputation and her prior experience working with campaigns. She then suggested the sub vendor whom we selected for campaign consulting services. Contracts that our vendors may have had with other communities and groups are irrelevant and do not influence the goals of our committee.

Patrick Adams is upset because he wishes to be the ONLY LGBT campaign committee associated with Carl DeMaio. Well, guess what, we also love Carl. It is a free country and we have every right to support Carl DeMaio, independent of Mr. Adams, in the manner we see fit.

We are who we say we are "Conservatives for Gay Rights in Support of Carl DeMaio for San Diego Mayor 2012.." - and damn proud of it."

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Pat750 Oct. 29, 2012 @ 9:13 p.m.

Really people???! This is ridiculous.. We need UNITY in the conservative gay community NOT division. Instead, we're too busy exchanging catty accusations to concentrate on actually making a difference for our candidates. It is because of this type of petty BS that we have not been taken seriously as a constituency by the Republican Party!

Both Patrick and Juan appear to be behaving like self-centered school girls vying for the prom king. I've got a news flash for you petty queens - Carl DeMaio is already taken. And considering the mess you've made of things, you'll be lucky if he even acknowledges either one of you after the election.

Now, in all fairness, Patrick Adams appears to deserve the majority of the blame for this catastrophe. He first started the rumors about his "competition" - apparently as a pre-emptive strike to stop him from even getting a chance at attempting to help "his" candidate.

And shame on Patrick for smearing his rival by attempting to tie him to medical marijuana. Considering the number of people in our community stricken with serious diseases, like AIDS and prostate cancer, this attack goes against the very vein of tolerance we rally for.

But there is plenty of blame to go around - shame on Juan for taking the bait.

Shame on the Reader for fanning the flames by publishing (and continuing to publish) this vicious, fact-free, gossip...

(And I'm sure the LGBT Democrats are rubbing their hands with glee as they read all about our little self-smear campaign.)

In the previous chapter of this mind-dumbing saga, a campaign consultant tweeted "My favorite part about the last two weeks of an election cycle is that truth and facts just stop mattering." (touche...)

The same could be said about the Reader's coverage of this so-called "story"....


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