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With Carl DeMaio set to kick off his campaign for congress this evening in the shopping aisles of Coles Carpets, the race for special interest campaign cash between the Republican former San Diego city councilman and his rival, incumbent Democrat Scott Peters, also a former San Diego council member, has received unusually early public attention.

Says DeMaio in an email to supporters touting tonight’s fundraiser:

If we post a big number by June 30 for our fundraising, we'll attract more national funding - so this event and any donation this week is KEY. Can you help with these contributions?

Let me know!

Meanwhile Peters and his fundraising forces have been busy in Washington, teeming with high-tech and military industry lobbyists eager to express their support for the self-styled Democratic middle-of-the-roader.

According to an invitation posted online by PoliticalPartyTime.org, the national Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee threw a $1,000 per PAC "breakfast reception" for Peters on April 16 at Art & Soul, a posh restaurant near the Capitol.

The invite headlined the prized assignments of Peters on the House Science and Technology Committee, and the biggest political cash bonanza of all, the House Armed Services Committee.

As reported here last week, San Diego State University-owned public television operation, KPBS, ran a lengthy expose it said it had done in conjunction with a small non-profit associated with the taxpayer-funded university questioning various aspects of DeMaio's fundraising from GOP conservatives, including a group linked to the controversial Koch brothers, prior to his declaration of candidacy.

On the other hand, campaign disclosure records show, Peters has received big doses of money from high-tech special interests, including a Microsoft executive and those with links to Qualcomm, the cell phone chip giant founded by Irwin Jacobs, a big KPBS financial backer in whose honor SDSU has named the operation's newsroom and gives top billing to on its nightly TV news program.

As reported here last week, the incumbent Democrat has been touting his role in passage by the Armed Services Committee of the National Defense Authorization Act, a measure lobbied by the San Diego State University Research Foundation, according to a first quarter 2013 disclosure report filed by the non-profit's Washington lobbyists Carpi Clay & Smith.

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monaghan June 26, 2013 @ 11:10 a.m.

I am sorry to read that Coles Fine Flooring is backing Koch-funded Carl DeMaio. Remodelers everywhere in the 52nd Congressional District will be rethinking their carpeting and hardwood options in light of this foray into ugly politics.


fletch92131 July 10, 2013 @ 1:13 p.m.

Politics is always ugly when people, anyone, paint people with a broad brush, like saying Koch Brothers or similar tags. These guys are simply exercising their right to endorse candidates. By the way, do you know that they employ tens of thousands?


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