Hello my name is Brady and I am a hiker.

No this is not an admission of an addiction, though it could be a healthy one. This is my blog. I am an avid hiker and a survival specialist. My love for the outdoors has brought me to the trails of San Diego. And since I love it so much I have decided to film it and as of now, blog about it.

It's been recently suggested to me that blogging will help to create a fan base and get my name out to the public. I have never been a blogger or ever thought about sharing my stories with anyone. In fact I never thought that there were many who would care. Who am I? Why would people want to read my words and why would they care. I decided reach out and look at other blogs people have posted. I came across many people who are just as insignificant as I am and yet people follow their every move and word as if what they did was the most important thing that could happen. So could I have a following? Would people want to read about my adventures hiking around San Diego? Maybe...

So here I am, this is an experiment in getting people to know who I am and what I do. My mission is to get people back out to the trails and away from mundane lives on the couch. Though I want people to watch me in my videos, I also want to inspire them to get out there after they see my hike. I do have the intent of creating my own TV show here in San Diego. There are not many people who film themselves hiking or really show what the hiking is like here in San Diego. I kinda like to think of my self as San Diego's own Survivorman. Though I am no Les Stroud, I do have a backround in outdoor survival, and maybe one day I can transition from hiking and concentrate more on survival shows. With the amount of hikers that get lost everyday I think we need one.

And so now I'm Putting my self out there for the world (San Diego) to experience my story and my adventures on the trails in San Diego, and hopefully some one out there is inspired enough to hit the trails and love them, just as much as I do

Brady Hiking Video

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