I started writing on the Reader blog recently, simply for fun and to put out some fun little fiction and non fiction stories and some that had more depth. I am not a trained writer or the type of writer that has to take on the system, (I do that at the polls) ...and I try not to judge too much. We all have judgment, no getting around it.

I expected to get critiqued by people. That's just the way the net is...with anonymity comes poor manners, outright rudeness and heavy duty judgment. Some people call it being real. Though they only have brass ones cause they can hide behind a keyboard. And then there are the followers, that have the gang mentality and egg it on. In my business it is called staff splitting, in slang terms it is called $h*t-stirs.

They live for their big moment then seize it. Sit back and watch the action. Then when it slows, they throw in another little stir. It makes them feel accomplished. And it keeps the focus off them. Cause usually when they follow the leader and in essence heap praise by being a minion, that leader won't focus on them. Then they can scapegoat it off on the leader. Survival...I get it.

I understand...if it were not for the issues in many peoples lives, I would not have had a job in mental health work. Or do the volunteer work I do now. So, like I said, I've been around it and I get it. Flinging their words in my direction is no issue to me. I am secure in my life and what I do and have done. But then they turned on each other. Lobbing personal epithets about one another.

That's what they want, to staff split, and scare off any potential competition. Whether they be "good writers" or "bad writers"...they want them gone. Big fish in a little pond syndrome. In turn, losing all credibility. It isn't the written word they are so concerned about, it is mathematics...Less writers, easier to compete and get a possible win. Being in the spotlight. It's a matter of importance. Being important.

Being important in the eyes of the public doesn't matter to me. I would rather be substantial. Thanks. Anyone can be put in an important position. It's what you do with it that counts.

So, As I was talking to my daughter, my 3 year old granddaughter overheard me saying that a thread had broken down to childish cranky behavior....Out of the mouths of babes....She walked by, and said. "Gramma, if they're cranky, give 'em a time out and tell them to eat some fruit so they can poop."

I couldn't have said it better myself.

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