Grant Hill



Medical Marijuana aka Smoke Shop 25 feet from Charter School?

Thanks to the City of San Diego and District 8 Staff. Location: 30th and Market Street. A 76 gas station, ...

Market Street Bridge Crossing Over 28th Street

It is still falling apart. Any other bridges that need repair. Lets build a List.

District 8 wants a dirty and graffiti filled community...don't forget to vote for a new Face!

trash, sofa's, broken televisions, taggers paradise...District 8 politicians are all the same...what can i do to move on to a ...

Adios Loomis Armored Truck Service

They are gone...27th and Market St. residents are no longer at risk from speeding armored truck drivers

Loomis is Moving?

Not sure why but there is a for lease sign on their building...maybe the 99cent store took their business away?

San Diego Water Dept Wastes Time Again

The water pipes on Market are over 50 years old...but the water dept is patching the there another sinkhill ...

Bridges, hmm, this is an old bridge.

Hmm, it appears that the San Diego City officials are treating the bridges on Market Street like the rest of ...

Que Calor

Hot Dang...its Hot in Grant Hill...Hace mucho calor...the neighbors are playing thier loud music, drinking some kind of cheap beer ...

A 99 Cents Store??? What the??

99 Cents Store on Market and 26th gotta be kidding...over a year of an empty dirty lot and now ...

Kids and Guns thanks Greedy Rupublicans

what gun control just enforce the current law...republicans and long as its not thier kids...

Jimmie Johnson Rocks Go #48

Another San Diego Native who gives back to the County...Congrats on winning at Talladega!! #48 Rocks!!

BP is to Blame

why arent we after BP? the gulf was destroyed.

its raining

Rain Rain come again clean out the junkies and taggers from Sherman and Logan Hts.

Pot Holes everywhere on MArket Street

Pot Holes everywhere on MArket Street...where is my tax $$ going District 8...time to make Market Street a toll road ...

Market Street is not a NASCAR track..

NASCAR FAN in Grant Hill--I wanna go fast and so does everone else who drives on Market Street...over 30 years ...

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