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Monday morning, sports-talk radio fans of the flagship station of the San Diego Padres, XX1090, awoke to the voice of Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton rather than the voices of Dave Palet and Jeff Dotseth. Palet and Dotseth, talk jocks of the Dave & Jeff Show, began at 1090 in February after Scott Kaplan of The Scott & B.R. Show was terminated by the station and his partner, Billy Ray Smith, declined to stay at the station without Kaplan.

According to Dotseth via posts on two social networking sites, he was resigning from XX1090 because working without his partner, Palet, was not an option. A representative from Broadcast Company of the Americas, the parent company that owns XX1090 along with other local stations, declined to comment other than to say that Dotseth and Palet were no longer with the company and that mid-morning hosts Josh Rosenberg and Charod Williams were also no longer employed there.

The source went on to confirm that Hamilton will continue with the morning shift of 6AM - 10PM, with the mid-morning slot filled with a rerun of the nationally syndicated Mike & Mike which also airs for the first three hours from 3AM - 6AM live on XX1090. It was indicated that these moves could be temporary.

Hamilton is not a prototypical morning host and is also currently running his normal afternoon drive shift at 5PM. However, all of these slots may change both talent and time slots.

Kaplan and Smith won almost $500,000 in arbitration for breach of contract with BCA radio last July. Strong rumors, fueled by statements in the show's own Twitter and Facebook accounts, indicate that the duo will return to XX1090 soon to do a show.

The pair recently went to work for the new U-T television station and currently do a five-hour show from 6AM - 11AM. While this would preclude them from a morning show at the XX1090 studios, options could include a simulcast of the television show or else taking an afternoon shift on radio.

Another strong rumor is that the Jim Rome Show, a syndicated 3-hour program that runs live from 9AM until noon. Rome was carried on XX1090 since the stations inception until Clear Channel Communications, parent company of the current syndicate for the show, Premiere Networks, pulled the show from BCA and gave it to its own talk-sports station on 1360AM.

The Jim Rome Show will be carried by a new network in January, CBS, and there are no CBS-owned stations in San Diego that could carry the show as the formats are all successful music stations. Brian Wilson, Program Director at 1360, said in a telephone interview that their station didn't yet have an indication whether the Jim Rome show would stay there or go elsewhere.

Calls to XX1090, other than the initial confirmation of the obvious changes, went unanswered. If the Jim Rome Show is indeed picked up live again by XX1090 then it would change the slots of the shows around it.

If left in the current condition according to the slotting of talent, then Hamilton would have a three-hour show from 6AM until 9AM, the Jim Rome Show would fill 9AM until noon, the Darren Smith Show would move back two hours from noon until 3PM, and other talent would likely fill the drive slot, perhaps Kaplan and Smith.

Another scenario would be a morning simulcast of Kaplan and Smith's television show on U-T TV from 6AM - 9AM with Hamilton returning to his afternoon-drive shift from 3PM - 6PM. John "The Coach" Kentera's late-night show doesn't seem to be affected, regardless.

How does this relate to the Padres? It takes three hours of local programming that the local talent would discuss the team during the season, for one. It also offers an opportunity for new talent that would lead in up to game time starting in April.

Obviously, the scenarios are conjecture but based on a combination of strong rumors and hints from the parties involved. Whatever happens next should happen relatively quickly, so stay tuned.

(A piece concerning all of the Padres moves (or non-moves) from the MLB Winter Meetings up to this point is forthcoming, look for it on Thursday. There isn't much exciting news, so you've been warned.)

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Visduh Dec. 11, 2012 @ 8:12 p.m.

That dreadful Lee Hamilton is back on the air? Shudder. Shudder! Shudder!! He was about the worst there ever was, and after he went back to remedial radio school to lose his abrasive East Coast accent, didn't improve a bit. I'm so glad my radio listening keeps me away from sports blabber.


David Dodd Dec. 11, 2012 @ 8:35 p.m.

If you ever do get a hankering to listen to a little sports-talk radio now and again, I recommend giving the Darren Smith show on XX1090 AM a try. Currently he goes from 2-5PM M-F but will likely wind up going from noon - 3PM at some point. Darren has good interviews and isn't your typical goofball. His views are broad and topical and has great guests. Ex-U-T writer Jim Trotter is on usually once per week, Jim now writes for Sports Illustrated. He's a good writer and a smart man.


Dave Rice Dec. 11, 2012 @ 9:50 p.m.

Good lord, the Hack now has two shows...my dial is officially stuck on KPBS in the mornings. XX announced this afternoon Rome is officially coming back, which I see as a good thing - he said previously he'd jumped stations because his radio distribution is through Clear Channel and it made sense for him to go to a CCC station. I assume the move to CBS for TV led to the radio move, and thus he's now ditching the CCC radio affiliate.

D. Smith is the only saving grace of XX at the moment - I don't care what slot he ends up in, so long as the guy stays on air somewhere...I drive a lot and I'll catch part of his show so long as he occupies some daylight hours.

Scott and B.R. back on air...shudder...I always thought B.R. had the occasional interesting take but didn't add much overall aside from background snickering at Kaplan's thinly-veiled racist/sexist diarrhea of the mouth.


Dave Rice Dec. 11, 2012 @ 9:55 p.m.

Also, when you catch the official Rome plug for his return to XX notice that it's nothing but a 30 second rip on Hamilton, who it appears will be his lead-in...too bad one runs a nationally syndicated program, the crossover segment that the station does when both shows are local would definitively be "the best 15 minutes in radio anywhere!"


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