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Border crossing rules have changed at San Ysidro

The days of walking freely into Mexico are over

In fact, you will need some steenking papers to enter Mexico.

Mexicans honor America — Trump be damned!

July 4th fireworks soar from strip-club roof in Tijuana

On Saturday night, July 4th, a fireworks show erupted at approximately ten o'clock in the Zona Norte area of Tijuana. Fireworks displays in Mexico are usually reserved for occasions such as Mexican Independence Day on ...

Another for the Tijuana morgue

Zona Norte drug haven racks up the deaths by violent means

The shrieking of bystanders followed gunfire in the Zona Norte section of Tijuana on Tuesday afternoon, May 12. An unidentified man lay writhing on the ground as onlookers awaited authorities to arrive on the scene. ...

Nothing could touch her

Woman bullfighter on horseback rides in Tijuana

Monica Serrano was the only rejoneadora (female bullfighter on horseback) at the bullfights in Tijuana on August 3. Long hair streaking down her face, she confronted three bulls, riding straight and broad. Nothing could touch ...

Electrical fire in the Zona Norte

Conflagration kept within interior of building

Breaking the otherwise wild and noisy routine in the sketchy Zona Norte section of Tijuana on Saturday afternoon, a fleet of vehicles from the Tijuana Bomberos (fire department) arrived with sirens blazing, accompanied by police ...

Padres training camp in Arizona 2014

Peoria is another town in greater Phoenix

Thomas Anthony Medica stood in the clubhouse, belly full of breakfast, dressing out as he had done every morning since camp opened. In an hour, there would be a brief meeting as there always was ...

Cox Communications to cut about 500 jobs

“It’s about real estate,” says spokesman

On the heels of Sony Electronics announcing job cuts of at least 400 employees in the San Diego area, Cox Communications is also drawing back in the region. Notices were sent to employees this week ...

Man suffers fall on Chula Vista trolley platform

Commuter back-up on southbound platform

Shortly after 3:30 p.m. on Friday afternoon, January 17, paramedics and firefighters responded to a report of a man who had succumbed to a head injury after a fall. The incident occurred at the Palomar ...

Tijuana taxistas chase hit-and-run driver

SUV didn't get far before yellow cabs and police blocked the vehicle

Friday the 13th didn’t work out so well for a certain taxi and its driver in the sketchy Zona Norte section of downtown Tijuana. Clientele of the local taco cart, wayward pedestrians, sidewalk prostitutes, and ...