Translated by Fulano from an article in Milenio

Mexico - The relatives of Italian cyclist Mauro Talini, who suffered from Type 1 diabetes, were unaware that the athlete died Monday, May 13. They became worried when the GPS authorized by the Padre Kolbe International Association showed no movement on the course traced by the athlete in his route through Mexico.

The news of his death and that the body of the cyclist was embalmed in the Carrillo Funeral Home in the town of Carboca, Sonora was learned from the internet social networks.

Talini, 40 years old, was at kilometer 30 of the Santa Ana - Altar Highway, in Sonora, in his attempt to cross the American continents from South to North, with the goal of delivering a message of hope to people with diabetes, when he was run over by a truck whose driver fled.

Witnesses to the accident told Sonora state Attorney General agents, investigators and forensic doctors that the cyclist was dragged for more than 100 yards.

According to police reports, the cyclist was passing an area where there had been a battle between police and drug traffickers, and passed by a burned out patrol vehicle and dozens of armed police.


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