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CANCÚN, Quintana Roo - May 14, 2013 - South Korean tourist "M. H.," 26-years old, was running on the bike lane around 3PM at kilometer 21 on Kukulcán Boulevard, when she was attacked by a subject who subdued her with a knife and raped her.

After the event, a general alert was issued to all police units to locate and detain the person presumed responsible.

The first police reports indicated that the tourist, who had arrived here a couple of days earlier on vacation, left the hotel alone to do some exercise.

The young South Korean headed towards the hotel Westin Resort, located at kilometer 20 on the bulevard, passed the hospitality center and entered an area of mangroves where there is not much police presence.

The foreigner went one more kilometer when she was confronted by a subject, who looked like a construction worker, who took a knife from his clothing.

The subject threatened her and took her into the mangroves where he hit her to stop her from screaming, then he raped her.

The attacker fled. The woman managed to leave the mangroves and ask for help from the police, however, the police were unable to locate the attacker.

The woman was taken by personnel from the State Attorney General and transferred to the Public Prosecutor to file a formal complaint.


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