[Translated by Fulano from an Op-Ed piece in Rosarito en la Noticia.com]

by Gerardo Díaz Valles

On the "San Lunes¹" long weekend for the Mexican Constitution Day celebration, three of our expensive congressional deputies: Nancy Sánchez, Rossana Soto and Laurencio Dado, decided to climb into their luxury automobiles and make a legislative tourist trip to visit the beleaguered residents of the "Cantamar" tourist camp in Primo Tapia, after they had gone to the Congress in Mexicali to ask for their intervention in the matter which has affected the image of Baja for some seven years. A legal battle between parties for the coveted palm-covered 15-acre coastal property.

The problem which caused the crisis last November was when some violent drug addicts contracted as "security guards" by one of the parties, an Ivonne, who was a consort of the late Carlos Borja, and who we now know started her gallant life in the "La Playita" bar from an earlier era in Rosarito, and who, along with several people who support this ambicious Madame, acts with total impunity.

The point is that "everybody is faking out" and trying to move the ball into their court within the ossified Mexican justice system. Today, Cantamar is only an example of the time bomb created by the fradulent buying and selling of properties in our state, many times with bribery of authorities, with the lack of land trusts, lack of a title history and concessions this is fertile ground for corruption to flourish, unpunished thievery by crooked lawyers and minor politicians.

All this is without much by way of expectations from our congressmen. They are on the side of the victims, according to them, we don't know if they will really help them, or if they only came up with this act to "throw more gasoline on the fire." To literally subject the state officials to having to provide potable water to the score of "gringos" who gathered at the State Government, urging them to allow the flow of potable water to the residents, or barring that, "make someone responsible for what happened." While the day passed unnoticed, the defenders of the people quickly ran to the side of their national delegate, Héctor Yunes Landa, of Veracruz, to do their daily political scheming.

As with a similar lawsuit that chased away the investors, as was Punta Banda in Ensenada, the buyers were abandoned and each time there are fewer residents in the infinite number of illegal subdivisions like Castillos del Mar, Ricamar, Misión Viejo, Campo Lepro, Villa Italiana, Campo López, La Joya del Mar and many more. As such, it would be good if the deputies and other authorities become seriously involved in this matter, or failing that, stop doing coarse political popularism and postponing justice to some distant future date. Is it worth it, or not?

¹Fulano says: San Lunes is a fictional Mexican saint (Saint Monday). It is used to refer to the large number of absentee workers on a Monday. There is a saying in Mexico: "El lunes, ni las gallinas ponen." (On Monday even the hens won't lay eggs.)


Woooosh Feb. 6, 2013 @ 9:59 a.m.

Hopefully the transparency of the internet will allow potential investors to assess the risks involved when investing in Rosarito. We've run into this exact problem head-on. Think you have an ocean view? Wait a year and some crook will build on the sand in front of you! If they don't fix the land frauds in Rosarito they won't sell another property, and shouldn't. If you're not "buying" anything with your money, it's not investing- it's pure stupidity.


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