[Translated by Fulano from an article in El Sol de Tijuana.]

Playas de Rosarito.- The Tourism Commission of the Rosarito city council believes that the security alert on Mexico, issued by the United States government, is a strategy to prevent its citizens from travelling to Mexico and stop them from spending money in Mexico.

"The alerts that the US government sends to its citizens are, unfortunately, government strategies. We see them as struggling to keep income in their country," said councilman Francisco Bautista, president of the Tourism Commission.

After participating in a meeting with Rosarito tourism authorities, the councilman said that the security situation has improved.

However, it is difficult to get immediate results and even more so when there is no strong publicity campaign in Baja California to attract this market niche.

"We have not had a strong promotional campaign in the United States because it is costly, and even though the State Secretary for Tourism's Committee on Tourism and Conventions has had a presence in Los Angeles County, on television, we are still lacking a good publicity program promoting this destination," he said.

And even though there is greater confidence among the Americans in visiting tourist destinations in Mexico, in Rosarito the majority are Mexican-Americans. But the greatest number of tourists are regional [Mexican] visitors. "It is thanks to them that the economy has reactivated."

"Yes, the Anglo-Saxon tourists are returning, but very slowly, unfortunately we have not had the economic resources to promote a marketing campaign directed to these people," he said.

[Fulano's observation: Mexico's Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía reported in 2010, the last full year of data, there were 48 homicides per 100,000 persons in the state of Baja California. The FBI crime statistics reported 4.9 homicides per 100,000 in California in 2010.]


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