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“Hebrew? It reads from right to left,” says Lev.

“Like Arabic?”

“Like Arabic.”

It’s a strange place to be getting lessons in ancient languages, but that’s Seaport Village. Everybody here seems to be from somewhere else.

Turns out “Lev” means “Lion” in Hebrew.

My buddy Richard and I are here, just basically trying to get out of the blazing sun. And fill our bellies. We’ve just walked down from the Embarcadero, at the bottom of Broadway.

Lev’s at the cash register, taking orders. This is at the Seaport Deli and Salad Bar (881 West Harbor Drive, in Seaport Village, 619-232-7616).

We’re trying to decide on a lunch snack before we trudge on down towards the ballpark.

Came in here because Richard wants tuna, and being a deli, it’s sure to have it. Also betting it’s cheap, for Seaport Village.


Also, it’s a kinda romantic-looking tile-roofed pink stucco cottage. Has a wrap-around veranda with sea-green support columns and hanging geraniums. Pretty cute.


Plus you get a direct view of the blue bay and America’s Cup yachts and even an old pirate ship cruising by.

At first, Richard’s looking at the salads. Tuna salad’s $6.50. He’s about to go for that when he sees they’re all pre-packed in plastic boxes.

“Uh, no,” he says. “I want something fresh-made.”

So he goes for a tuna salad sandwich on whole wheat. I ask for the tuna melt. And we get glasses of water, so we don’t have to buy drinks. And wow. Just as well. Because the sandwiches are $8.50 each. Guess they’re paying Seaport Village rents here.

“Tuna!” barks the gal, Jeanette, from the kitchen through a kinda loudspeaker. “Six-forty!”

That's our number.


Lev and Jeannette

My melt’s plain but pretty good...


...with nice wheat toast. Richard says his is a little dry...


...and that his big slices of tomato are kinda tasteless, even though it looks great from where I'm sitting.


He’s into organic and strong-flavored tomatoes he grows himself.

“Hey, check that beauty!” he says as we chomp away on the veranda. He’s looking out to the bay. “Wild Goose!”

I look out to see what’s flying. Nuttin’. But there’s a big ol’double-decker steamship churning through the waters.


“That’s “Wild Goose,” Richard says. “The Duke’s. John Wayne’s boat. He’d sail that to Catalina, Alaska, everywhere.”

On the way out he mentions to Lev that his sandwich was a little dry.

“Next time, you should get the ‘Pandaswag,’” Lev says. “It’s my secret sandwich. Pastrami, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo and guac. Same price as the others, $8.50. I love it. And swing by in the evening. Lot of people come around 9:30, because they shoot off the fireworks at Sea World at 9:50 every night. We get a great view from here.”

“Pandaswag and pyrotechnics?” I say. “Can’t be bad.”

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