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My $3 meal with Barrio Star (see below) has left me with five bucks.

Walking down past Extraordinary Desserts (2929 Fifth Avenue, Bankers Hill, 619-294-2132), I stop. Start thinking, hey, maybe I can swing a little something sweet here.

And I get encouragement. They have a sign next to the entrance says, “Warm four berry cobbler, served with strawberry cheesecake ice cream. …Glace, scoop 4.5, bowl, 6.5, extraordinary bowl, 8.5.”


Jeez, I’m thinking, warm cobbler with a dunk of strawberry ice cream for $4.50? Might jes’ stretch that far.

They also have other deals like pumpkin apple pecan torte with brown sugar ice cream. Same prices. But I stay loyal to the warm four-berry cobbler idea.

So in I go, drooling past incredible pastries, teas with little sniffing bowls, fantastic big cakes, and right by the cash register, must be the cobblers. Beautiful, pastry-hatted, sitting in little china pots.


Warm four berry cobblers

“I’ll have that deal on the sign at the door,” I say. “The four-berry cobbler and the scoop of strawberry ice cream…That’s gonna be $4.50, right?” “Four-fifty for the ice cream, yes sir,” says the gal. “But the cobbler will be $9.95…”


Cobbler label

At this point I tune out in shock. Think she says the special combo will be $11.95, but I can’t be sure. Hey, I know how childish people can get when it comes to desserts. They can throw incredible hissies. I've seen it. So I just take a deep breath and tell her there’s no mention of that part on the notice, only the $4.50, $6.50 and $8.50.

"That's just for the ice cream, sir," she says.

Must admit, these cobblers and cakes look fit for a king, but still they coulda mentioned the full deal out there.

In the end I get the scoop. Strawberry-streaked ice cream with a red rose petal on top.


They bring it to me outside at one of their butcher block tables.


Front patio

And it’s delish. If I hadn’t seen what I thought I coulda had, I’d be a happy camper.

Back inside, Jessica explains to me kindly that they have different specials each day, and it pays to inquire.



Still think they led us astray out there with the sign.

Maybe they should follow the taco trend. Like, when are they going to have $3 cobblers on Cobbler Tuesday?

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wrldtrvl Nov. 30, 2011 @ 7:24 p.m.

I agree with Ed. The sign announcing the specials is very misleading. Since no price is mentioned for the desserts, it does seem like the listed prices are for ice cream of various portions with the dessert. I can see though the argument that the prices are for the ice cream only and the desserts have no price. But the dessert descriptioins say served with ...ince cream so the $9.95 should have included the ice cream. Sounds like a pretty poor business practice to me.


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