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And while we’re talking about East Village, across Island from Dirty Del’s, there’s this bagel place. It’s about two in the afternoon, but people seem to be traipsing in and out like it’s their regular thing.

I see it’s called Brooklyn Bagel & Bialy, whatever a bialy is. I come in just behind a couple of gals. They stand in front of the bagel cabinet. Dozen different kinds, from plain to egg-onion to the "everything."

First gal, Laura, asks for a poppy seed bagel with cream cheese. The other goes for a lox bagel. In a couple of minutes they’re chomping into them, right where they stand. “Good,” mumbles Laura, “and we’re from New York.”

“My partner and I trucked the 50-gallon kettle, the mixer, and the oven all the way over from New York,” says this guy, Mike. “I was taught by Howard Goldberg, the New York bagel guru. I’m here at four every morning, baking. Trust me. It’s the real thing.”

Huh. Kettle? Bagel school? Bialy? This is interesting. I’ll be back.

Tiffany (counter-gal) and Mike (co-owner).

Oy Vey bialy ($8) and egg/chicken sausage breakfast sandwich ($4.75). Image


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Walter Mencken May 26, 2011 @ 7:07 a.m.

Oh, my goodness. I have been looking for such a place for lo these many years, ever since Einstein bought out the Baltimore Bagel Co. in Hillcrest. Will try and report.


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