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People say it tastes like chicken. Or fish. Or both.

Talking about alligator.

I had to try it. Took the plunge in Old Town. Crazee Burger (2415 San Diego Avenue, at Arista. Also in North Park at 4201 30th).

And they do have all sorts of crazy burgers there, from ostrich to kangaroo to antelope.


Crazee Burger's Spanish-looking Old Town bistro

Actually, people had always told me go for the wild boar burger ($9.95).

“It is our most popular,” says Scott, the server. “The flavors are sweet and sour. They come from the poached pear and red wine — and the whipped cream and jelly we put with it.”

Crazee burger? You said it.

Or I could just go for the bratwurst hotdog, partly because my friend Jan, who knows her sausages, says Crazee's bratwurst is so good. Also, it’s real cheap: $5.49 or, hey, $2.99 during happy hour (two to six, Monday through Friday).

But, no, today, the real thing. Even though — aye! — it’s $13.99. Definitely not cheap. The Snapping Gator Burger’s meat is from the tail of an animal brought up on a Florida alligator farm.

“It comes with a curry fruit tapenade that’s more curryish than fruitish,” says Scott.

And he’s right.


My gator burger, with tapenade ($13.99). Also, Jan's Aloha burger ($6.49) and sweet fries ($2.99) (delicious with parmesan cheese)

First chomp, I think: slightly burned chicken, even though it was not burned. Or like veal, maybe? Rabbit? Not that interesting, flavorwise, actually. The curry fruit tapenade definitely helps. But it's not as juicy as beef. Tighter, whiter, lighter.

Guess you’ve got to do it once. And, healthwise, no cholesterol and stuff. I’m sure it’s off-the-charts healthy.

I won’t say boring, but next time, boar.


Happy Hour (2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m., Monday to Friday) has seriously good deals

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Jane Belanger June 30, 2011 @ 11:12 a.m.

Ed, you inspired me to finally step foot inside Crazee Burger after many, many years of driving by it and thinking "I should go there sometime."

Went there last night, a Wednesday, and could not believe the line out the door! Not a table to be had! (Apparently some others may have been inspired by your blog too....)

Had the wild boar burger, per your suggestion. I liked everything about it, except the pear. The pear was too big, and too spiced. A little too much like a complete Thanksgiving dinner on a bun. (I like my pie separate from the meal.) My husband got the Tortuga burger (buffalo with horseradish cream). Very tasty.

Already thinking about what burger I'll have next. Probably ostrich.

There go my plans to turn vegan this summer....

Anyway, thanks for finally getting me in there. I've been missing out all these years!


Naomi Wise June 30, 2011 @ 6:59 p.m.

Yeah, the ostrich burger is terrific, for ostrich. (There's a reason its fad was so short-lived: Yeah, it's healthy, but it's also the leanest, dryest meat you ever did chaw.) What I love about Crazee Burger is that the owners are actually European-trained chefs, not short-order guys, so for each meat they make a special marinade, mix or sauce. They make the only turkey burger I can stand. And yes, even their ostrich is good, too. (But alligator is hard to tame, white-white meat as lean as ostrich!) When Crazee first opened, they hoped to include rattlesnake burgers, but the local gummint nixed it because rattlers are supposedly endanagered (my friends in more rural areas would very much beg to differ!) -- even though these snakes came from a huge snake farm/butcher in Nevada. I've eaten rattler meat and it's pretty good; I'm sorry I can't have a nice boneless version in a burger, 'cause when you cook it yourself it's strictly finger food to suck off the many bones.

The line out the door is probably not due to EdBed's post. It's a great place, and the neighborhood is on to it.


itsmechuck July 3, 2011 @ 10:16 p.m.

No question, this is the BEST in town and Susan, Jackie, Shonda and Scott will be sure you have it your way. Happy Hour is the real deal, especially on Tuesdays-See you there!


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