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(Well, I had the idea about the same time as Ed Bedford, but then the weather turned so cold...) Here's a list of my favorite patios:

  1. Hacienda de Vega, Escondido — This isn't just a patio, it's a lush garden with trees, flowers, waterworks — the whole magical enchilada. (But Señora Vega doesn't much make enchiladas — her food is more serious.) Sunday brunch in Paradise.

  2. Bertrand at Mr. A's — Of course. To watch airplanes land inches from your nose and yet not hear them roar.

  3. Candelas, Coronado Ferry Landing — Bay view. Happy people. Terrific food.

  4. Roppongi — Somehow, snacking on fusion-grazes on this large front patio in La Jolla feels sophisticated.

  5. JDN, Pacific Beach — You're so close to the beach here, your feet are almost in the sand.

  6. Firenze, Encinitas — You don't just "feel like" you're in the country, you ARE in the country, at the edge of town.

  7. George's at the Cove — The rooftop patio has, probably, the best view of the Cove of any restaurant.

  8. Red Marlin — The patio sprawls all over, with views of the yachts you wish you owned.

  9. El Vitral — Just beyond the patio, Petco. With grass and all.

  10. Cosmopolitan — Live old-time parlor music amid planters of flowers and miniature trees, with a central firepit where chilled Yumans warm their knees.

  11. Jake's Del Mar — Depending on where you land, you'll have a close-up of the sea or of a park.

  12. El Prado — The garden patio is the only place to be if the weather will support it.. (It's quieter than the inside.)

  13. C-Level — Here, it's all patio with water views.

Image from haciendadevega.com

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