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Reporting live, from Inside Deepest La Jolla.

I can now confirm: even the rich and the famous eat burgers. And they're not that outrageously expensive.

See, while I was up there, I had this assignment. The Beloved Carla said don’t come back without a burger in hand. And fries, and salad. Reason? Kinda simple and sincere: "Because I ain’t cooking tonight.”

Simple request, but up here, you fear for your wallet.

Like, I stepped inside this posh-looking café (Aroma Bakery and Café, 909 Prospect Street, La Jolla), where a filet mignon with mashed potatoes and veggies costs $27.95.


I sat down, among silk-shirted scions of the wealthy, and fertively searched for the B word in the menu. Luckily for me, a really nice server, Sophia, pointed me to the right page.



And aah! There were three. An angus burger, a vegetarian, and sliders. And the big surprise is, the prices aren’t that bad, specially considering what you get. With fries and salad, the angus burger goes for $8.50, the veggie burger for $7.50, and three sliders for $8.

As a test run, of course, it was my duty to get myself one. Another nice server, Susan, delivered it.



And, I have to honestly say, a bigger, more luscious burger has not passed these lips for many a day. Damn, it was good. Totally scrumbo.


And with the fries and a great little salad, it was a deal.

Two hours by stretch limo (#30) later, mission accomplished, opinon confirmed.

“Bedford! For once you’ve done it! This has to be the biggest, juiciest burger I’ve had this year. Come here, you little cherubim…”

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