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I tend to be a purist when it comes to my burgers. Salt and pepper only, medium rare. That's not to say I don't like toppings. Cheese, onions, even a fried egg gets the okay. Boomerangs Gourmet Burger Joint in Clairemont sets that whole notion on its ear. Boomerangs wants to fiddle with my sensibilities and put stuff in my burger too.


Walk into Boomerangs, and the first thing you'll see is a flight of stairs. It's built into an old house, and the bar and main dining room are upstairs. It's bright, sunny and cheerful. There's local art on the walls — the current featured artist is Mark Smith.


John and I sit at the bar and order a couple of Green Flash Hop Head Reds ($5.50) from Jose, our host, bartender and server. Jose gives us the lowdown on the menu — burgers are made to order, fresh Black Angus beef, hand-pattied, and come with three add-ins, cheese, and a side. I get a 1/3 lb. burger with bacon, red onion and mushroom mix-ins, gouda, and a side of garlic peppered fries ($9.99). John's choices are mushrooms, artichoke hearts and jalapeños, cheddar, and onion rings.


The burgers are delivered quickly, and my medium rare really is medium rare, which is, shall we say, a rarity. The mix-ins are good, they add to the flavor without overwhelming the rich, beefy taste of the meat. Smooth, melty gouda, fresh, crisp lettuce, tomato, a thin slice of red onion, and pickle chips are perfect accompaniments. The fries are regular cut, with skins on. They could have been hotter — they weren't freshly dropped, but they're still pretty good, with lots of roasted chopped garlic and black pepper. Anyway, I ate all of them.


John's burger comes out medium, just how he ordered it. The onion rings are really good, thick cut, panko breaded, well seasoned, with a fine shake of thyme and oregano in the crispy, crunchy coating.

Boomerangs also does the "build your own" thing with several other menu items, including appetizers, salads, specialty sandwiches, mac and cheese, and adult (read: boozy) iced teas.

Boomerangs Gourmet Burger Joint

4577 Clairemont Drive

San Diego, CA 92117



Mon - Sat 11am - 10pm

Sun 10am - 9pm

Happy Hour Daily 4 - 7pm

Champagne Sunday Brunch 10am - 2pm

Free lot and street parking.

Free wifi.

Pet friendly patio.

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itsmechuck Dec. 16, 2011 @ 7:23 p.m.

These guys are good! The Burgers are exceptional, one of the top three in San Diego County! They do the same with Mac n Cheese with a huge list of items you can add.

It's not just a burger joint, check out their taste; there is a huge variety for everyone!

And talented bartenders at the bar....


Mary Beth Abate Dec. 16, 2011 @ 8:13 p.m.

I saw that mac and cheese on the menu - it sounds great. The "adult" iced teas look interesting too! We loved chatting with Jose at the bar.


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