Streets are Shattered and Forgotten in Fraccionamiento Soler (Uniradio Informa, 1/24/13)

TIJUANA, BC – Calle Articulo 27 of Fraccionamiento Soler has completely shattered paving. As it has been 30 years since it was created as a housing complex, the municipal authorities have not returned to address this and they accuse the residents of not caring for the place.

And several streets of this fraccionamiento’s pavement have severe problems with patching, but for having spacious streets, motorists have some mobility to dodge the potholes, however, residents of one of the roads located on the edge of this residential area, said that the municipal authorities eventually do some work to plug the holes, ignoring for years Calle Articulo 27 to the degree that today it looks completely shattered is how Señor Miguel Ángel, a resident there explained it.

"For years you have never given it any attention; neighbors sought signatures to fix it; nothing has been done’ I see that on other streets they are plugging holes, but here they should not be the last streets; six months ago I walked by here; I do not remember any improvements", he said.

More than 100,000 Homes Abandoned in BC (Uniradio Informa, 1/24/13)

TIJUANA, BC - In Baja California, there are up to 100,000 abandoned homes, Congressman David Pérez Tejada Padilla said on Wednesday morning. “Actually Infonavit is the institution that gives 90% of housing loans to the workers, but in these last 2 terms it grew wasteful. The theme of collection and collection regardless of the social reasons for which they were created", he expressed.

He said that in Baja California, there are more than 55 for trials for issues of abuses against the worker. “Give priority and attention to this serious problem which is represented by the abandoned housing and partly the solution lies in legislation; just adapt from there, from the bosom of the Congress of the Union, so that it enters into force and does not continue as abuses against the copyright holders", he said.

For his part, Roberto Proo Mendoza, leader of the Social Commitment to Partnership, mentioned awaiting a decree that gives certainty to workers in terms of housing. "That it is waited for by millions of workers in Mexico who come to get social justice which is required and is avoided. Infonavit is still a real estate company that prejudices workers", spoke.

He pointed out that in Tijuana there are between 7 and 9,000 abandoned houses. “This social problem becomes a security issue because thugs arrive at abandoned houses and they are converted into stables", he concluded.


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