Pickers are Afraid of Losing Jobs (Tijuana Press, 1/8/13 by Daniel Angel/Leonardo Ortiz)

Tijuana, BC - A large group of pickers gathered at the municipal Palace to claim that they have not been taken into account in the proposal granted to the GEN Recycling Company. Manuel Rodríguez García, leader of the pickers at the landfills of Tijuana and Rosarito beaches, said that in total about 4,000 people make their living doing this and are in fear of losing their incomes.

"It's that nobody gives them a job, they have worked all their life in it," said Manuel Rodríguez to affirm they are not willing to abandon their work and for now they are still working in a normal manner. He felt that if the trucks carrying waste to the transfer centers perform the separation work, as proposed by the company, the workers will not be given their demands and problems will continue.

The conflict began in December when the City Government planned to vote in Cabildo to extend the grant to the company and place it in charge of the two transfer scavenging centers. GEN manages at present, the landfill located in Valle las Palmas, until 2023, where the pickers do the separation work.

According to the proposal, GEN would be responsible for recycling trash and the City Government would give the company 2% of the estimate, approximately 200,000 pesos ($15,623 US) a month. The company says about 600 pickers now work in Valle de las Palmas, but in the early stage they would use only half that number, without being able to specify what would happen to the rest.

After the meeting between the demonstrators and Secretary of Government, the representative of the pickers said that the authority responded to take into account the making of a concrete proposal. http://www.tijuanapress.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=8610:pepenadores-temen-perder-su-trabajo&catid=1:locales&Itemid=50

Suit Prepared Against "Sola Basic" (Tijuana Press, 1/7/13 by Daniel Angel/Leonardo Ortiz)

Tijuana, BC – Due to problems with the change of luminaires in the city, the Tijuana City Council contemplates hiring another company to complete the replacements, said Mayor Carlos Bustamante Anchondo. "We are not going to let them install any new items as they have not been able to complete the other "package, they used farmed out installers," said the first councilman.

"Sola Basic" company won the contract for the installation of 63,000 400W Lamps that began in December 2011, the Ministry of Urban Development reported. After several complaints from citizens, in September of last year, the Mayor accompanied by a representative of the company, gave a press conference to publicize the reasons for the failures.

Luis Manuel Rosas, a representative of the firm, attributed failures of 3,800 fixtures to three factors: variations in voltage within the city, bad existing equipment, and post-installation equipment failures. Then they announced that they had already installed 48,000 of the "white light" lights and the company committed to fixing the failures in about a month.

During a second progress report in December 2012, the Mayor announced that they would start an investigation to determine responsibility at the company. On Monday, during a tour of the palacio municipal to congratulate employees and citizens on the holidays, the Mayor announced the company will be sued and seek to have the bond on the investment returned, so the city will not lose money.

The luminaire change project was announced as a energy saving measure however at the moment those savings have not materialized as the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) has not been able to verify the new lamps.


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