Landfill Dispute Frustrates Town Hall (El Sol de Tijuana, 12/21/12 by Daniel Angel)

Tijuana, BC - As it happened, the Calle Ocho City Government headquarters was destroyed while the industry prepared to deal them a Christmas gift. They planned to place a vote in the Cabildo for an opinion for expand the concession for the company that handles the sanitary landfill, and have the operation at two centers of transfer so equipment of the municipality could be used.

"They are asking to be bailed out of around 12 transfer units acquired in the last administration", Councilor Claudia Ramos said in the session, “There are records that support the decision. There is no legal opinion; we do not know any opinions from a feasibility plan. We asked the company for an ecological study on everything, and an estimate of the revenue the municipality could receive with this concept, and we had no response, so we were against it", she said.

The opinion was adopted in the Committee on Urban Development with five votes in favor and two against. The intention was to extend the concession from Advocate Environmental C.V, for ten years to conclude the contract in 2033, and it was ready to be voted on in Town Hall this Saturday. The proposal provoked employees of the company expressing them this Friday at City Hall because they learned it would be voted on Saturday.

"Today we spoke with the Secretary of Government, to remove the order tomorrow on the issue of the concession", announced the leader of the bureaucrats, Martín Plasencia, after a meeting with Mayor Carlos Bustamante.

In a press release after that meeting at Town Hall, he responded to company employees, saying the issue is intended to generate savings and not make decisions behind their backs. "I want to clarify that City Hall will never make unilateral decisions affecting their workers. I think they were wrongly informed or we have not released enough information. What we will do with this project is reducing costs and streamline services to clean the city, without affecting the works or its citizens", said Mayor Carlos Bustamante, according to the statement.

"We've been wondering if the town hall is incompetent for not collecting the trash because we don't have the trucks or the staff to do it, but don’t get a response", added Mayor Claudia Ramos.

The opinion of the XX-DUOSP-21/12, of which has a copy, reads that on 02 June 2012 the company requested the extension of its lease to manage transfer stations now in the hands of the city Government. They reflect the approved points of agreement where there are two transfer locations that would be handled by individuals: one located in South Valley and another in Matamoras. Also authorized is an increase of 10 pesos ($0.78 US) by the City Government paying 78 pesos ($6.05) for each ton of trash deposited in the landfill.

The company would return to City Hall, 2% of sales generated by recycling. In the future, pickers working at the sanitary landfill in Valle de Las Palmas, the Councilor said that separation would now take place at transfer stations and would only use the 400 of the1200 people there. The Union of bureaucrats and the Councilor argued there is no infrastructure at the transfer centers to receive and separate the waste generated by the city.

Agency Approved for New Transport Route (El Sol de Tijuana, 12/22/12 by Daniel Angel/Leonardo Ortiz)

Tijuana, BC - The City Council unanimously approved the creation of a Municipal Agency for the Operation of an Urban Passenger Mass Transit System in Tijuana. The opinion was put to the vote of the plenary Cabildo in an extraordinary session Saturday; three days after City Hall announced that the money was ready for the construction of a route which passes through the city.

Before the vote, the alderman of the National Action Party (PAN) Erwin Areizaga, commented that it was necessary to consider the participation of enterprises that already offer the service in the city so that they can invest. "There are families businesses, and obviously they're going to defend their heritage,” said the Alderman anticipating the possibility of demonstrations.

To this, the Mayor Carlos Bustamante responded that Friday night there was a meeting with carriers to remind them that their company must not have debts to participate in the investment of around of 600 million pesos ($46 million US). "Because we have seen that some of them never pay anything, and then they would be expelled, said the Municipal President, adding there will be space for national and international companies to participate in the project.

The announced route was made several administrations back and finally seems to be materializing. It will use the River Channel as a trunk road with stations. The investment, announced the city Government, is around 1.6 million ($124,000 US) in Federal, State and Municipal funds already, as well as that of entrepreneurs.

The aldermen asked for the inclusion of a representative for people with disabilities at a fixed rate. José Alonso Lopez Sepulveda was appointed as Interim Director and will issue a creation of its rules of procedure within 30 days. According to Mayor Carlos Bustamante, the intention It is to launch the tender and place the first stone in the first quarter of next year.


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