Police Dogs Trained (Tijuana Press, 11/10/12 by Nora Leticia Garcia)

Tijuana, BC – Police dogs were trained by transporting canine groups aboard a helicopter as well as in the field for searching and tracking people. According to the Ministry of Public Security of the SSPE State, the State Coordinator of the State Preventive Police (PEP) K9 unit, Fernando Enrique Paniagua Legaspi, said that training was also provided to dogs of the State prison system and municipal police in Tijuana and Mexicali.

In a statement he gave, the main exercise was to respond to the escape of prisoners at the Center for Social Reintegration at Cereso Hongo. The aim of canine units was locating and arresting fugitives by land, as well as by air with the support of PEP aviation units.

Those who served as fugitives were given time to get away and hide as far as possible from the Cereso, then were followed by a dog unit on the ground while another group of police dogs were brought in by a PEP helicopter that took off from the heliport of the Hongo.

After several minutes searching in the vicinity, two PEP K9 units found and followed the three fugitives as they raced in different directions and were located approximately 1,700 meters away from the penitentiary, reported SSPE. http://www.tijuanapress.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=8124:adiestran-a-perros-policias-de-varias-corporaciones&catid=1:locales&Itemid=50

Fire Fighters Await Uniforms (Tijuana Press, 11/10/12 by Daniel Angel)

Tijuana, BC - Almost three months after budget approval was made to buy new uniforms for the Fire Department, the fire fighters are still waiting for them. Armando Franco Bustos, a senior City Government official, said the bidding process has already been let out and the reason for the wait has to do with economical resources.

"There have been a number of revisions to budget issues ", said the city official. The budget extension was approved at the Commission's Hacienda on August 15, and according to the official information, it was for 21 million pesos ($1.6 million US) to buy full uniforms and 350 other items for the fire brigade.

Once approved by the Committee members, he announced the next step is a vote in Cabildo for other expenditures approved in recent sessions. It has not appeared for a vote yet. "We are behind however we have already budgeted for it. I hope that before the end of this year, the budget will have already been resolved", commented the official.

According to the Committee on Finance, the characteristics of the new uniforms were provided by the firefighters. The request came a few days after one firefighter suffered an accident which caused him burns to approximately 50% of his body and he remained hospitalized for several days. http://www.tijuanapress.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=8119:bomberos-ocupan-equipo&catid=1:locales&Itemid=50


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