GPS Installed on Garbage Trucks (Tijuana Press, 12/18/12 by Daniel Angel/Leonardo Ortiz)

Tijuana, BC - The City Council bought GPS locators for garbage trucks in the City, at the direction of municipal public services. According to a list of direct Government contract awards, in March of this year the Loc-Jack Company S.A. de C.V. was hired for a sum of 513,375 pesos ($40,348 US). The contract, according to this information, is "services for 125 satellite locators via the internet (GPS units) for garbage collection units".

The Loc-Jack Company S.A de C.V, on its Web site, presents itself as a leading nationwide company with more than 10 years experience and with Mexico, United States and Canadian field of locations for vehicle management. Francisco Barrón, of the public services management office, made the purchase request. There are about 130 garbage collection units and some 105 have the locators which are monitored from their locations to his office.

"The goal is to maintain direct routes and to avoid any abnormalities. Occasionally the speed of the truck is given... and more than anything, we want to know where the units are", the municipal official said.

Press reports dated July 2010 noted the19th City Hall announced, of 145 trucks, 85 have had the system since October 2009, although the director of public works in the 20th Town Hall said that none of the trucks had the system. He said that so far, they have not detected any irregularities in the work of the trucks and there is an intention to increase the installation of this equipment to other vehicles.

Only 8 Days Remain to Pay Utility Fines (Tijuana Press, 12/18/12)

Tijuana, BC - The State Commission of Public Services in Tijuana (CESPT) reported that December 26th is the last day to take advantage of the State Governor’s, José Guadalupe Osuna Millan, Decree which allows for the payment of fines and surcharges. Engineer Hernando Durán Cabrera, Director General of CESPT, recalled that this document allows the offering discounts of up to 100% in fines and surcharges to users in debts for payment of water bills, provided that payments are made.

He said that this benefit applies only to surcharges generated up to before March 9, 2012 and there is also an opportunity to make an agreement, in some cases, for a discount of 75%. In the latter mentioned, users will have agree to a 10% prepayment for power to get the above discount as published within the notice in the official state newspaper, Duran Cabrera.

It was explained that it the new decree also supersedes this benefit for those who adhered to the one announced in 2011, also by the State Governor, where ordinarily you would be permitted to object to your indebtedness. It should be remembered that those who obtained this benefit last year, signed a document which they promised to maintain payments for twelve months or otherwise the debt would be reinstated.

The owner of the agency highlighted that same clause prevents further indebtedness in the current document. The State gives another opportunity to all those who for some reason are in arrears to also acquire a discount on surcharges generated even before March 9 of this year. Due to an exception in the new document, it is important to take advantage for those who created debts in 2011 and still have arrears in their original agreement, since they may make another agreement with only 10% prepayment of the total debt and acquire a respective discount of surcharges.

This benefit is only effective until December 26th of this year, so the Director-General has made a call to come as soon as possible, to any of branches of CESPT and not leave this pending until the last moment. The State official recalled, in these times it would be good for people to take advantage of their bonus payments to get abreast with these bills and other opportunities they are afforded.


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