34 Minibuses Removed from UMT Service (EL MEXICANO, 1/3/12 by MARCO A. FLORES MANCILLA)

Ensenada, BC - Pursuant to the direction of Ensenada Municipal President Enrique Pelayo Torres, transport companies that do not comply with legal requirements for their vehicles, the Municipal unit of transport (UMT) in coordination with the Ministry of Public Security made operational surprise inspections this Thursday at the concessionaires who collectively provide service in the city.

The Director of the UMT, Miguel Raúl Carrillo Espinoza indicated there are 823 units registered with the Registry of Public Transport and that around 30% do not comply with necessary physical and mechanical conditions and/or models allowed. For these reasons, we will have zero tolerance this year against those who violate provisions of the regulations.

"For 4 years carriers have pushed for the renewal of concessions when the Municipal President of Enrique Pelayo-Torres managed the Cabildo and unanimously revalididated them in such a way that benefited most of the carriers that complied", he said.

He noted the operation began at 6:30 a.m. at the Coperative of Transport Society facilities of Ensenada, S. C. l. de C.V. (Red and White), then moved to the bases of operation for the Cooperative Society of Urban Transport, 1st Minibuses of Ensenada S.C.L. of C.V. (Yellow and White), Transport El Vigia S.A. de C.V., Transportation Natives of Maneadero Valley, Breeze Transport and Green Arrow Transport.

"Today we devoted ourselves to removing all vehicles that do not comply with the physical and mechanical conditions and which do not comply with permitted age from circulation; specifically models of 1996 and earlier. All companies are subject to the repair or replacement of the units not found in acceptable condition and those that represent a risk will be taken out of circulation," he said.

Raúl Carrillo explained that operating costs continue to rise through the years, so 1997 to 1999 models will no longer be used and as neither will units from 2000 nor 2001 years after this year. "The goal is that at the end of 2013, only 2002 models and newer units will be acceptable in the future," he said.

Concerning the mechanics of operating units, the city official pointed out that 10 inspectors from the UMT reviewed the documentation, physical and mechanical conditions, model of transportation and serial numbers. The units complying in physical and mechanical condition and model were passed and returned until the company presents its replacement with a new unit and a definitive termination date for the vehicular collection of State revenues. In cases where irregularities in documentation and/or serial numbers were detected, the Undersecretary of the Municipal Trustee will be responsible for placing them at the disposal of the Public Prosecutor's Office for investigation.

Since the operation will conclude at 9:00 p.m. today, Thursday, January 3, the Director of Municipal Transportation Unit reported that 32 vehicles were sent to the barn by 4:30 p.m. for failing to comply with physical and mechanical conditions and/or model, while two units were referred to the Municipal Trustee, since they were allegedly carrying irregular documentation

Those not complying with physical and mechanical conditions and/or model Society Cooperative Transport of Ensenada, S. C. l. de C.V. (Red and White): 17 units Society Cooperativa de Transportes Urbanos and Microbuses of 1st Class of Ensenada S.C.L. of C.V. (Yellow and White): 12 units Between Breeze Transport and Transport Vigia for allegedly carrying false documentation: 3 units Society Cooperative Transport of Ensenada, S. C. l. de C.V. (Red and White): 2 units Total units withdrawn from circulation: 34 http://www.el-mexicano.com.mx/informacion/noticias/1/3/estatal/2013/01/03/640642/retira-la-umt-34-microbuses.aspx


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