Ice Makes Road to Rumorosa Hazardous (Tijuana Press, 12/31/12 by Vicente Calderón)

Tijuana, BC - The road between La Rumorosa and Mexicali continues to be open but traffic is slow due to hazardous conditions generated by cold temperatures. Alfredo Escobedo, Civil Protection Director in the State, reported bad weather was responsible for three accidents, one of which caused a fatality.

The fatal mishap occurred at approximately 5:30 a.m. when a couple traveling in a pick up truck crashed at Km 79, causing the death of a woman. More details on the tragedy have not been provided.

In the other two accidents there were injuries but none considered serious, said Escobedo Ortiz in an interview with Weather conditions and the accident led to the closure of a stretch of road and was reopened shortly before 10 a.m. on Monday, said the state official.

Ice on the asphalt was extremely dangerous as evidenced by the accidents. The police maintained road surveillance and traffic is slow with vehicles moving in caravans led by federal police patrols. Cold temperatures caused the temporary closure of the road because the road icy which made it extremely dangerous.

The forecast is for partly cloudy skies with light winds and low temperatures, reported by FIARUM, responsible for the road section between Sentinel-Rumorosa. The Director of Civil Protection said there is passage between Tecate and Mexicali, but only by taking extreme precautions and traffic can be very slow with the measures imposed by the federal roads safety patrols. He clarified that there is no snow or rain forecasted, but will have to wait until the road thaws for its return to normalcy.

If you have to travel, you can consult the FIARUM website and search under "Condicioes de la carretara" in the left column. Escobedo Oritiz also noted the FACEBOOK page of Civil Protection can be monitored for travel to Mexicali.

International Youth in TJ and SD Support Libraries (Tijuana Press, 12/31/12 by Vicente Calderón)

Tijuana, BC - Organizations in California will support libraries in Baja California and will begin at the "Cuitlahuac" School located in the Tijuana River area. Their altruistic work will include the creation of a mural in the library of the public school and training those responsible for the bibliographic heritage.

The National Foundation of Independent Artists of San Diego and the Community Association of the Arts of Riverside, California together with the Association of Library Sisters will support various efforts. "It's a binational effort, which will seek to train librarians and teachers with basic knowledge on the interpretation of art", was noted at a press conference held on 28 December. Mark Schooley, who heads Riverside Community Arts Association, will support the donation of bibliographic heritage topics in art and culture, according to a statement.

Enrique Chiu, Director of the National Foundation Independent Artists, mentioned the first mural contemplated is the for the Library Sisters 10th anniversary, and will be in a school public. Libraries Sisters coordinate efforts in support of libraries, such as equipment, furnishings, training and the delivery of books. Meanwhile, the National Foundation of Independent Artists, directed by Enrqiue Chiu supports training for librarians and teachers. The Office of Alderman Erwin Areizaga will provide public funds to pay for supplies to complete the mural.


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