2012 was Bad Year for BC Libraries (Tijuana Press, 12/30/12 by Vicente Calderón)

Tijuana, BC - 2012 was a difficult year for Baja California libraries. They closed them in Rosarito, but in Tijuana they will extend opening hours. The worst thing was for those who lived in the municipality of Playas de Rosarito where five libraries available to the city were closed.

"The Mayor made the decision about two months ago to close its libraries for lack of economic resources. But the problem here is the message sent to society in reference to the lack of priority to support education."

Adolfo Delgado is a member of the Organization of Sister Libraries and says the situation is worrying. "Those who serve library centers provide access to the Internet and books, so that young people can complete their tasks, so that at any given time they can work on their educational research topics", he added.

Like many other councils in the country, Playas de Rosarito is experiencing serious budget problems. By year's end the fifth municipality had no funds for its payroll. During a recent visit by President Enrique Peña Nieto, Mayor Rosaritense Javier Robles asked for support from the federal Government, but libraries seem far behind, in the to-do list.

"We require less than 45 million pesos ($3.5 million US) for power, to clean up finances, but we just continue with the debt left to us from the previous administration and the Bank of America Development. But yes, we could solve the problems that we have. The debts we have are real, with collectors of trash, debts that we have with ISSSTECALI, with the same Union of bureaucrats, debts that we have with petrol stations, with pharmacies," said Robles Aguirre.

Another city where libraries have been affected by economic problems according to the "Sister Libraries" group is Tecate. Although they continue to operate, they have been neglected by not allocating funds for maintenance. "One of the libraries, Luis Echeverria of the Hongo, a year ago had a structural damage that would cost $100 to repair. That neglect after one year now affects the roof and repairs will cost $5,000," says Delgado of "Sister Libraries"

It is considered, Javier Urbalejo, the municipal President of Tecate, failed in his campaign promise to support libraries.

In Tijuana not much progress was achieved during 2012 for its 23 libraries in the municipal system, but Delgado acknowledged there were no setbacks and that's already a great advantage. "Librarians of Tijuana, have done an outstanding job by "promoting the services of libraries", he commented. However, he acknowledged that despite the efforts of those responsible, the support is insufficient.

At the border, there is even encouraging news. On December 28, Alderman Erwin Areizaga announced that the Cabildo Commission on Youth and Sports approved a half -million pesos ($35,000 US) more for Tijuaneneses libraries. "Next year through the Commission, there are additional programming resources so that we can have an extended timetable so even more young people in Tijuana may use this space", said the PAN official. With this, it is expected that all the libraries of Tijuana, will extend their hours of service until 7 p.m. and not close at 3 p.m. as currently with their lack of staff. http://www.tijuanapress.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=8535:2012-fue-malo-para-las-bibliotecas&catid=1:locales&Itemid=50

2 Found with Serious Injuries (Tijuana Press, 12/30/12 by Nora Leticia Garcia)

Tijuana, BC – Speeding and a lack of caution, combined with alcohol caused a car accident that happened this Sunday, where two men were seriously injured, said the Secretariat Municipal of Public Security (SSPM).

Shortly before 9 a.m., Jose Antonio Granillo Cross and Fernando Noe Beltran, 30 and 28 years of age, respectively, were traveling in a 2002 Cadillac Escalade, with California 6SIZ428 plates. That unit was in the high-speed lane in a West to East direction.

The SSPM version of the accident, states that approximately 150 meters before arriving at the Office Depot, the driver Granillo, attempted to enter the low-speed lanes. According to the official report, he miscalculated the distance and hit the central traffic median with a tire on the car.

Authorities said the unit crashed onto the co-pilot side against a public light post, knocking it over and started tumbling in multiple times in rollovers. Due to the sudden impact, both individuals were ejected onto the pavement. Their bodies landed near the trolley about 30 meters from the initial impact site.

At the initial impact, several empty and full beer cans were scattered about giving indications that both were drinking. The wounds they suffered have not been certified by the medical examiner, said the SSPM. http://www.tijuanapress.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=8537:resultaron-con-heridas-graves&catid=1:locales&Itemid=50


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