TJ Mayor: We cannot prevent all crime (Tijuana Press, 2/14/13 by Daniel Angel)

Tijuana, BC - Mayor Carlos Bustamante said the media generates and enhances reports of violence in the city. "In San Diego and Los Angeles we have already seen the policeman who went crazy. This happens around the world and is just one more thing to run away with, to tell you about", regarding the way reporters were insistent and questioned about the recent killings.

He said that the facts are appalling and reiterated that there is a marked difference between the little more than 60 murders we have had so far this year compared to the numbers of three years ago.

"We can not prevent all acts," said the Mayor who said that Tijuana is "the city" that has the fewest problems.

Earlier this week the Mayor assured that there were around 30 homicides in the city. After that the Attorney General Office of the State Justice (PGJE) reported 42 through the end of January.

"I recognize what is official, but sometimes the figures of the State are sometimes confused", he said about his past statements.

20 Million pesos awarded for fisheries research (El Mexicano, 2/15/13 by Bernardo Penuelas Alarid)

ENSENADA, BC – A little more than 20 million pesos ($1.6 million US) has been awarded by Pesca del Estado of the Ministry (Sepesca) to support research in science and technology in the State, through institutions in the State.

The achievements in this area have been used by productive sectors such as fisheries and aquaculture, said the head of the Sepesca, Faustino Silva Galindo, after a tour of some scientific research institutions of this post, where he verified some advances and achievements of science and technology. He recognized that the resources applied in this matter have been through the contributions of the Federal and State Governments funded research institutions.

Alarming 87,000 unemployed in BC (El Mexicano, 2/15/13 by Edgar Juarez Uscanga)

TIJUANA, BC - The unemployment rate in Baja California is 5.8%, which are over 87,000 people counted as jobless, ranked among the States with the highest unemployment in the country and lagging behind times when there was only 2% unemployment.

"Baja California’s unemployment rate reached 5.8% during the fourth quarter of 2012, above the national average of 4.9%. The number of unemployed in Baja California in the fourth quarter of 2012 was 87,584 people throughout the State, according to official figures from Inegi," explained El Colef researcher Alejandro Diaz Bautista.

During the fourth quarter of 2012, states recording the highest unemployment rates in the country were the Federal District, Sonora and Tamaulipas with 6.2% each; Queretaro with 6.1%; Aguascalientes, Chihuahua, and Nayarit with 6.0%; the State of Mexico with 5.9%; and Baja California, Tabasco and Tlaxcala with 5.8%.

The lowest unemployment rates in the country were reported in the State of Campeche with 2.1%; Chiapas and Yucatan with 2.4%; Veracruz with 2.5%; Oaxaca with 2.6%; Guerrero with 2.9%; and San Luis Potosí with 3.1%, said the El Colef economic analyst.

"Baja California has unemployment well above the national average, so official figures show us the times of low unemployment in Baja California are behind us. Unemployment has not been reduced to levels of a decade ago in the State of Baja California", said the researcher.

"The reality of the issue of unemployment in Baja California is that it is above the national average where it continues among the group of States that recorded the highest levels of unemployment nationally, according to the official figures."

"The rate of unemployment in Baja California considers the unemployed population and those who are partially occupied, defined as working less than15 hours per week, at 10% during the fourth quarter of 2012," he said.


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