Miracle baby to be named next week (Penisular Digital, 2/9/13)

San José de el Cabo, BC Sur - Jorge Aaron Montano Dominguez, Counsel for the Defense of Minors and the Family System Municipal DIF Los Cabos, announced that next week at the Official Registro Civil, prosecutors will seek to legally register the baby, who until today, who’s life story was called a miracle when he was abandoned on a public road hours after his birth.

He added that according to the provisions of Article 79 of the Civil Code, concerning found children; they must be registered with a name that is not contrary to morality and a common surname of the region, which being responsible for their legal status, will be determined by the Public Prosecutor's Office.

"He will be given a name, i.e., an identity, as part of the rights of minors, but not an affiliation, because it is not established who his are parents", said attorney Montano. He warned that so far “Milly” continues to be safeguarded at the “Una Luz en Mi Vida (A light in my life)" Home and will remain there until the State Adoptions Council, composed of the President of the High Court of Justice, General Prosecutor of Justice, Solicitor of the State DIF and five municipal agencies can resolve his legal status, which may possibly be a transfer to the city of La Paz.

He noted that there are many applications for adoption, but in the case of this baby, we are still evaluating if there will be a trial for the loss of parental authority or a direct judgment for adoption which takes an estimated six months, since the history and feasibilities of requests should take into account people who are fit.

"In this case as we do not know who abandoned the baby, so a preliminary investigation must be made and one is underway for the offense of abandonment of an incapacitated person, as we do not know their whereabouts so it will take a while to careful try and locate them - more or less six months, then assess whether it is necessary to either have a trial of loss or an adoption," he explained.

Therefore, it is DIF that protects minors and if there is already a placement, it is only for a surrogate family, which obviously will require evaluations such as assessments of the family’s psychological background to assure they don't have bad habits, as well as their social and socio-economic environment.

He said that fortunately it is the first time of such a case in San José de el Cabo, but talking to the authorities of the SAMM and State DIF, there is a known existence of a similar case in the past. http://peninsulardigital.com/extra/la-proxima-semana-registraran-a-la-bebe-milagros/104153

Los Cabos to host Iron Man event (Penisular Digital, 2/9/13)

Cabo San Lucas, BC Sur - Los Cabos will host, for the first time in its history, an "Iron Man" event, which will be televised around the world, so it was announced that everything must be ready for the event to be held in March and that it will make an important economic impact.

Since the time it was officially announced, the "Iron Man Los Cabos” event will take place March 17 of this year which expects the participation of little less than 3,000 competitors, creating a major promotion at the international level. Therefore to ensure participation in a coordinated manner the following will be responsible for the event organization: the head of Tourism in the State, Rubén Reachi; the Mayor of Los Cabos, José Antonio Agúndez Montaño; Eduardo Segura, Director of FITURCA; Jaime Cadaval, President of the Mexican Triathlon Federation; Luis Gálvez, Director of Ironman Mexico; Renato Mendonça, President of the Association of Hotels of Los Cabos and the Municipal Director of Tourism, Jacobo Turquie.

At the press conference, it was reported that it will be in March when Los Cabos becomes a world destination in hosting an International "Iron Man Triathlon", with visitors from such places as: Taupo, New Zealand; Melbourne, Australia; Canary Islands; Texas, U.S.; France; Austria; Zurich, Switzerland; Bolton, England; Sweden; Quebec, Canada; Hokkaido, Japan; and Cozumel, Mexico - a destination that has hosted this event for 4 years.

The Secretary of Tourism in the State, Rubén Reachi Lugo, said, "The Government of the State through the Ministry of Tourism will be supporting the realization of the most important triathlon tournament in the world since it will include the participation of more than 2,000 athletes from 60 different countries."

The "Iron Man" event in Los Cabos represents an excellent opportunity to promote the image of the municipality and it is recalled that Cozumel was the only destination in the country to have hosted the event, but that now with the upcoming competition in Los Cabos, Mexico we can now count on two dates which is a great achievement and we will work together to keep it organized.

For the realization of "Iron Man Los Cabos 2013”, we expect the presence of almost 7, 500 people - among participants, organizers, tourists and media, national and international, which is believed, will generate large benefits to the destination.

Finally, at the meeting, the Mayor of Los Cabos, José Antonio Agúndez Montaño said, "Having these big events on the target are strategies of the Government to keep the eyes of the world on the municipality", and he added the most important thing for Los Cabos is for citizens and all those businesses that have relied on investing to generate employment for Cabenas families and in coordination with society to keep the destination as one of the best nationally and internationally. http://peninsulardigital.com/extra/3-mil-competidores-en-el-iron-man-los-cabos/104127

600 whale calves born in Baja California Sud (Penisular Digital, 2/9/13)

La Paz, Baja California Sur - This season, around 600 whale calves have been born in Sudcalifornia waters, revealed the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas. 10,000 visitors have come to witness the birth of these creatures and some expect that figure to climb to more than 13,000 by the end of the whale watching season.


Benito Bermúdez Almada, Director of Reliance on the Middle Peninsula pointed out that these specimens have only been recorded in the Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve, in particular the Ojo de Liebre and San Ignacio lagoons in the municipality of Mulege.

He said that during the first week of February there was a census that provided "a historical figure, very well above the average for the past 10 years", showing 1,400 whales in the two natural sanctuaries covering the Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve in total. He concluded by pointing-out they have still not counted the gray whales that have come to Bahia Magdalena in the municipality of Comondú, so it does not rule-out the number of whale calve births may reach 1000 during this season. http://peninsulardigital.com/extra/ya-hay-600-ballenas-sudcalifornianas-mas/104104


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