Thief surprised by police (Peninsular Digital, 1/24/13)

Cabo San Lucas, BC Sur - Carlos Alberto González Avila was found and surprised by polimunicipales while hiding under a pickup while holding stolen perfume. The man offered the officers the fine woman’s fragrance in exchange for his freedom - a proposition which of course, was not accepted.

Sinaloense Carlos Alberto, a 39 year-old bricklayer had minutes before 5 o'clock on Wednesday, stolen the Venezuelan Designer perfume from a Oldsmobile Bravada parked on Calles de Zaragoza and Ocampo in centro San Luqueño, without realizing that the owner of the car had witnessed the theft and gave notice to the authorities.

Without losing sight of the thief, the owner of the Oldsmobile, Don Rafael Alvaro and Carolina Herrera, delivered the alleged thief to municipal officials, but refused to make charges against the detainee. He was, although arrested by the officers.

Lice and ticks are in outlying colonies (Peninsular Digital, 1/25/13)

La Paz, BC Sur – In addition to a strong problem with ticks, marginal colonies in La Paz have a serious problem with hair lice, revealed José Luis Gómez Flores, Deputy Director of the System Municipal for the Integral Development of the Family (DIF) and member of the Municipal Commission of Health (COMUSA). In the case of ticks, he acknowledged that "it is a strong problem" and recalled that this plague occurs mainly in areas dominated by poor hygiene.

"Where there are dogs that are not well cared for or controlled. The possibility of ticks is plentiful and the tick problem occurs when a dog comes and stays there. The ticks fall to the ground can remain for months or years and become guests of other dogs or the same dog".

Municipal Public Services revealed the Municipal Kennel performs up to fifty treatments of pariah dogs a week.

With regard to hair lice, Gómez Flores indicated that after days of cleaning and citizen haircut services, Municipal DIF has detected the presence of lice in most of the marginal colonies. The Deputy Director somewhat refused to mention which colonies the worst cases were present, however, after little insistence he confessed that "in the areas of Lazaro Cardenas and Márquez de León area" they found 40 to 60% of people who had haircuts, "including adults" suffered from hair lice.

"We have to take actions and do something for them," he exclaimed. The officer ended by mentioning that Municipal DIF will perform weekly cleaning of streets and waste areas and change luminaires.


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