LGBT demand more respect (EL VIGIA, 2/8/13 by Benjamin Pacheco)

Ensenada, BC - Representatives of the LGBT community in Ensenada sought an apology from a regional newspaper for publishing a carton that alluding to an Alliance between the National Action Party and the Democratic Revolution (PAN-PRD) with content that discriminated against them and reinforces negative stereotypes.

Luis Alfonso Guardado Aguilar and Rossy Mancilla Gonzalez, the president and general coordinator of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual (LGBT) local community, declared at a press conference that the image is causing controversy on social networks since it was published on February 3.

The "caricature", as they called it, is a coin identified as "Ramsés II", which combined a photograph of two embracing men with signs of the aforementioned political parties and the phrase "Bodas Gay (Gay Weddings)".

"What we demand is an apology. That it be retracted. Regardless of the criticism, the author does not have a reason to interfere with us in their publication", Guardado Aguilar said.

He added the group has received calls and complaints by some of its members, in addition to statewide attention that expect them to establish a position in Ensenada.

"They mock us. We now feel quite discriminated by a society that still intends to come and follow us in more of the things we have enjoyed ", he expressed.

Last year an agreement was established with the National Commission of Human Rights (CNDH) so that the media would refrain from discriminatory images, he continued, although free speech is accepted provided it does not harm different sectors of the population.

"First, we will submit a letter to the editor of the newspaper to ask for a published apology in the same section, and we're going also to ask the Attorney General (of Human Rights) to file a complaint so that it is filed more than anything so it is seen that the LGBT community is active", he said.

Regarding the offensive meaning made by the publication, Aguilar made it clear that the use of "Bodas Gay" is wrong because it is not a joke members of the LGBT are not able to marry.

"It is an agreement, a contract and is not a wedding. It is a contract between persons of the same sex and gives us certain rights, but it is not a wedding. We want a little bit more respect", clarified Guardado Aguilar and Mancilla Gonzalez.

Cable thief dies by electrocution (EL VIGIA, 2/8/13 by Luis Miguel Ramirez) Ensenada, BC - With a 69,000-volt electric shock, a likely but yet unidentified robacables (cable thief) died by electrocution early Friday when he pulled on high voltage wiring at Colonia Vista al Mar in Delegación Maneadero.


The subject lost his life because "he became grounded" by a pole while maneuvering it to cut and steal the cable. The action also caused the village of Punta China to remain without electricity for two hours.

It was at 00:15 hours when the Center of Control, Command, Communication and Computation (C-4), contacted Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) personal to report there was a deceased person on the Transpeninsular Highway. Elements of Secretary of Municipal Public Safety (SSPM) also immediately went to the village to meet with CFE workers who said their power company reported a failure.

Apparently the event damaged wiring and left the village of Punta China in Municipal Delegation Santo Tomas without electricity so they inspected the Maneadero stretch power line to San Vicente. Precisely at the point of wiring section 73 + 380, they saw the lifeless body of the subject lying on the dirt road in Colonia Vista al Mar.

He is a male aged 35 to 38, with a height of approximately 1.70 meters, with a thin build, a brown complexion, wearing a blue sweatshirt, denim blue jeans, white/gray tennis shoes and a cap with white lines. The Municipal Police Officers noticed the high-voltage wiring an aluminum pole was hanging, with at its upper part had pliers attached for cutting cable.

The CFE employees explained the deceased probably "grounded himself" with the tube and received an electric shock of 69,000 volts, which caused the village of Punta China to loose their electricity for two hours. As result, a Public Prosecutor’s Office Agent went to attest to the death, as well as staff of the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) who were responsible for removing the body to its facilities.

2013 National Olympiad “Yo soy Baja” (EL VIGIA, 2/8/13 by Ángel Domínguez)

Tijuana, B.C. (Special Envoy) - Baja California will receive about 22,000 athletes from across the country, who will compete in 28 disciplines in the 2013 National Olympiad to be held from April 24 to May 31. 2013 will mark the third time that Baja California will host the event (2004-2009) and seeks to exceed, for the third consecutive year, the barrier of winning 200 gold medals.

Yesterday, in the multiple-use, high performance Tijuana Center gym, after five months of preparation, the official announcement was made. Ensenada will host trampoline gymnastics, softball, table tennis, handball, canoeing, skating and artistic gym competition. Eleven sports competitions will be in held Tijuana, eight in the state capital, Mexicali and two in Rosarito.

"In 38 days of competition we must take the home field to promote our state and our athletes," since it is an event with high social impact which will therefore generate considerable economic benefit, said Saúl Castro Verdugo. The General Director of the Institute of Sports and Physical Culture of Baja California”, said "in 12 years we participated for 12 days of sports, now, in 2013 we compete during 38 days".

In his speech, Governor Jose Guadalupe Osuna Millan, explained "We won the seat that has earned us respect at the national level and the proof is that they speak well of Baja California in all States in the country". The President said that "Every athlete present here represents the hope of a better tomorrow, as well it qualifies them as living examples that application, work and consistency allows achievement of their goals. With life-changing sports, you represent the security gained when dreams are fulfilled and when you endeavor to transcend," added Osuna Millan.

In addition, he predicted that 2013 will mean the best performances in amateur sports at the best National Olympiad in history. Finally, he called for the rest of the entities, including Jalisco and Nuevo Leon, the two main powers that generate medals. "We are on track to place number one in sports in Mexico. Other States ask me how do you win so many medals; they are afraid", he threatened. Bustamante, for his part, urged the participants to "fight for victory" in the "fiesta sports and most importantly for friendship with other youth, which attracts the best athletes of Mexico".

The 2013 Olympiad Opening Ceremony is scheduled for April 26 at the Rosarito Metropolitan Convention Center. Mariana Sánchez, a National Olympian in archery was selected to present an official 2013 National Olympiad jacket to the Governor of the State. Sánchez, on behalf of her colleagues, recalled that of more than 1,500, only 170 athletes that initiate the entry process will achieve the objective of arriving at the 2013 National Olympiad.

Present for the event was Jose Guadalupe Osuna Millan, Governor of the State; Carlos Bustamante and Francisco Pérez Tejada, Municipal Presidents of Tijuana and Mexicali, respectively. Present as well was Daniel Corral Barron, fifth place in the 2012 London Olympic Games parallel bars; Ana Lilia Duran, Youth World Champion in Weightlifting. Also in attendance were Oliver Valenzuela, third in world in pursuit cycling; gymnast Natalia Escalera, highest winner of medals at the 2012 National Olympiads and Yolanda González, runner-up in the World Cup Athletics in Barcelona. Also at the event were the Presidents of Associations and Federations of the disciplines to offer the maximum sports event in the nation.


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