3 Arrested for Providing Alcohol to Minor (La Cronica, 2/4/13 by Gina Rodríguez)

SAN LUIS RÍO COLORADO, Sonora - Two men and a woman were arrested for the corruption of a minor after providing alcohol to a girl less than 13 years-of-age during an event at Laguna Salada.


People attending an event in the Laguna Salada Desert reported the flight of a person who injured another with a firearm then fled in a green Cherokee van with an “Alcalá” sign in its rear window.

The described vehicle was intercepted at Avenida Obregón and Calle Samuel Ocaña and was found to be occupied by two men and two women who were taken to the police headquarters.

All of the occupants of the Cherokee were intoxicated with alcohol, including a girl of less than 13 years of age identified as "Viviana", originating in Puerto Penasco.

Jesús Gonzales Alcalá, 26, originally from Caborca; Sergio Castro Gámez, 21, with a residence in San Luis Arizona; and Martha Elizabeth Alipio, 26, a resident of San Luis Rio Colorado were arrested for providing intoxicating beverages to a minor and the corruption of a minor. http://www.lacronica.com/EdicionEnlinea/Notas/Policiaca/04022013/666883.aspx

Confidence in Municipal Police Increases (La Cronica, 2/4/13)

MEXICALI, BC - To follow-up on the commitment of sharing their feelings about Baja California at this time, Home Pollsters Imerk focused on gathering the opinions of citizens with regard to the issue of security.

Currently five of every ten inhabitants of the State consider the city which they live as unsafe; this is a decrease of 11.9% compared to 2012; the four others feel safe and one is undecided.

The perception of insecurity increases to seven of ten in Mexicali and six in Tijuana, in Rosarito it diminishes to four and in Ensenada to three; in comparison with 2012 the perception of being insecure declined to 19.2% in Ensenada; and to 17.5% in Tijuana.

Five out of ten people in Baja California 2012 feel increased insecurity in their city; for the other three, feelings of insecurity decreased gradually and the opinion of two was there was no change; In Mexicali, Ensenada and Tecate, most perceived a decreased feeling of insecurity; the opposite was felt in Tijuana and Rosarito where most feel that an increase in security has happened.

In comparison with 2012, five out of ten people expect a safety increase in 2013, three think it will decrease and two feel there will be no changes; in Mexicali, Tecate and Rosarito a majority feel it will remain the same, however in Ensenada, those who said the feeling that security will increase increased to six, and in Tijuana it declined to four.

In two of every ten families at least one of its members was already the victim of a crime in 2013; in Mexicali there was an exception, where it increases to three of ten; it remains the same in other municipalities.

Out of ten families who were victims of a criminal offense, three of them a suffered home robbery; two, an assault in public; two, theft of an auto; and one, telephone extortion, representing 83% of the crimes committed in January. Compared with the State situation for increased incidence of offenses: in Tijuana, assaults on public highways increased by 25.9%; in Ensenada, carjacking rose 11.5%; in Rosarito, 10.6% more telephone extortion occurred, and in Mexicali, there was a rise of 8.2 % in thefts in the home.

The Mexican Army occupies the top position in confidence in Baja California having the preference of five of every ten citizens; followed by two in ten that do not rely on any corporation; and two who mainly choose the municipal police; cumulatively, State corporations have the confidence of only 6.3% of the population as their main option.

In Tijuana, Rosarito and Tecate, confidence in the Mexican army increased to six in ten; in Ensenada, it diminishes to four; and in Mexicali, three. It is noteworthy that in these last two cities is where there is the greatest trust in Municipal police as compared to a study conducted last year, this confidence grew by 7% statewide.

With regard to the presence of the Mexican army in the streets of the State, it was found that nine of every ten citizens believe that it must be continued on a permanent basis and only one in ten said that it must end; the acceptance of their presence decreases to eight in ten in Mexicali and Ensenada.

Six of every ten inhabitants in Baja California do not rely on the Municipal police; however there are important changes in the municipalities; mainly in Tijuana, where mistrust increased to seven; and in Ensenada, confidence increased to six, being the only municipality where the Municipal Police has the confidence of a majority.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is important to mention that in 2012, confidence in Municipal police grew statewide by 14.5%, increasing mainly in Ensenada (22.5%) and to a lesser extent in Mexicali (15.8%), Rosarito (14.9%), Tecate (11.6%) and Tijuana (7.5%).

Currently four out of ten people consider themselves confident in Municipal police less than they had during the previous Municipal Government; three said it is no more and no less; and for three, it is higher. Confidence in the Municipal police is currently lower in Tecate and Rosarito; Ensenada had increased feelings of no more or no less. There are equal proportions at the State level of those who say it is less, equal or greater; however it should be noted that in Tijuana the index is higher for those who have greater confidence in the Municipal police of the current City Hall in Tijuana.

While they have failed to win the confidence of the citizens, seven of every ten Baja Californians are aware of that the Municipal police have taken measures to have officers that are better trained, more honest and committed to the population; This increased to eight of ten in Tijuana; stays at seven in Mexicali; and decreases to six in Ensenada, Tecate and Rosarito.

This is a partial presentation, if you require the full study, contact [email protected] to request a copy. http://www.lacronica.com/EdicionEnlinea/Notas/Noticias/04022013/666729.aspx

Alleged Rapist Captured (La Cronica, 2/4/13)

MEXICALI, BC – A young woman summoned the courage to contact Municipal police to report a possible case of rape that happened at fraccionamiento Orquídeas. The incident apparently took place at 23:01 hours between Calles Octava and Novena in fraccionamiento Orquídeas.

There, a 31 year old male was captured and accused of the crime of rape against a woman, and backed by support of the victim’s close family members. According to information from the police, the victim must file a relevant declaration before the subject can be indicted. http://www.lacronica.com/EdicionEnlinea/Notas/Policiaca/03022013/666413.aspx


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