Support Delivered to La Presa Elderly (Frontera, 9/18/12 by Laura Duran)

TIJUANA, BC - With the aim of providing support to at-risk groups, the 20th City of Tijuana, through the La Presa Municipal Council provided 87 checks to seniors as part of a support program to older adults.

250 checks in total will be delivered to members in the La Presa community. The first of 87 checks of 1000 pesos each ($78 US) were delivered. This program seeks to meet the basic needs of an at-risk group that is sometimes forgotten, but is now a priority for the Government of Carlos Bustamante.

A Municipal Delegate in the area, Jorge A. Tsutsumi Valenzuela, thanked the Mayor for his support, along with the Aldermen and Cabinet Members of the 20th City Hall for their approval of resources in taking this action.

"We know and it is clear much needs to be done. We are aware and concerned about the conditions in which these older citizens live. Some are fortunate to have the support of family and friends, but others, for various reasons do not have that protection and are unprotected. Not only that, some do not have insurance, or a pension and are forced to live and work under conditions that are unaffordable", mentioned Jorge Tsutsumi.

"It is sad, but it is a reality in our institutions. No country can boast of being modern, prosperous or avant-garde when its senior citizens are forgotten. The level of prosperity of a country should be measured by the well-being its elders. In that sense, its necessary to evaluate their living conditions", he said.

The Secretariat General de la Presa La delegation, Antonia Alvarado and coordinators of center of La Presa attended the event.

Chief of Police Arrested for Extortion (Frontera, 09/18/12 by Luis Gerardo Andrade)

TIJUANA, BC - The chief of Municipal Police in the Buenos district of San Antonio, along with three supervisors, were arrested for allegedly extortion and theft from a man last Saturday, Reported Jesus Alberto Capella Ibarra, the Secretary of Municipal Public Safety (SSPM), accompanied by commanders of the Municipal Police at a press conference on Monday afternoon.

Capella Ibarra announced, José Alberto Hernández Matías, was removed from his position as chief of the Municipal Police following presumption of his disloyalty and treason to the institution. He explained that all police officers should be referred to the appropriate authorities with obtained evidence. Another group of six agents is also under suspicion.

The SSPM spokesperson reported a businessperson provided information that police entered his home accusing him of a crime, then stole $8,000 US and 7,000 pesos ($5456 US). After the robbery, he said he was taken to police headquarters where he was threatened and was sent to the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR). The money has not been recovered.

The Municipal Public Security Secretary noted that the charged individual had a lawyer. Two witnesses noted the circumstances of the crime including its place, time, and mode. He added they made direct accusations and there is a documentation of someone living with the victim was an informer who was taken to the PGR for the alleged possession of weapons that were unregistered.

The police reported that they went to the location, where they where they were supposedly injured by a shotgun and then raided the home. However, officials did not turn in weapons to the PGR or submit charges for the possession of arms. Further an emergency call was not made, which does not seem logical for an operational situation, as they maintain.

"Then, there is the basic behavior acted out in plain view and admissions made under oath stating this happened. Also, two more citizens came forward to report extortion attempts made this sufficient to distrust them and believe the offenses were committed”, said Capella Ibarra.

The official said that this case had a prompt resolution because he spoke with the victims who reiterated that citizen calls to social network 688-5500 were reviewed. “We have been very firm in defending our police, but they are subject to the same scrutiny as the public by the prosecutor's Office. But, we are going to listen to citizens who come forward to raise a presumption of a crime was committed by officers," he said.


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